The daytrip to find Edo traditional 'yakuso' and old-fashioned 'sento'!

We can find it in the middle of Metropolis Tokyo.
Yakuso; Medicinal Herb
Sento; Traditional Bathhouse

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As you know, the Japanese are the longest living people in the world. The secret lies in the traditional Japanese therapy that has been passed down since ancient times. The two main traditional medicines in Japan are bathing and Japanese herbs. These wonderful folk remedies were completed in the Edo period and spread to the common people.

Edo was once the world's most populous city, as well as one of the cleanest cities in the world and a health-conscious city. There were many large public baths, and everyone went there every day. A large medicinal herb garden was in the middle of the town, and medicinal herbs used every day were planted in temples and mansion gardens. The remnants can still be confirmed at our feet in the big city.

A small trip to visit Japanese herbal culture that is not yet known to foreigners and a public bath that inherits the Edo tradition. Please participate in popular events where you can learn about deep Japan!


1st  part : A small journey to find traditional Edo herbs

15: 00-15: 30: Lectures on how to identify plants and roadside trees

Location: Headquarters office of the Japanese Herb Association next to Kabukiza

15: 30-17: 00: Edo walk to enjoy Japanese herbs and traditional buildings

Places: Sumida River, Kachidoki Bridge (national treasure), Tsukiji Honganji, etc.


2nd part: Refreshing with old-fashioned bathhouses and traditional Edo cuisine

17: 30-18: 30: Take a bath at Tsukishima Onsen

18: 30-20: 30: Traditional Edo downtown dinner at Tsukishima


Fee: 3,800 yen for the first part only, and cash only please. 
The second part is optional and will be charged separately.

Innovative Japanese traditional health method

Medicinal herbs in the metropolis

We Japanese have inherited a unique herbal culture that has long supported our lives. This cultural heritage was yet unknown to most foreign people.

The old-fashioned 

“Treasure lifestyle” that only Japanese people in the world do is a daily hot bath. There are still many old-style public baths in Tokyo city.

Japanese diet

The original Japanese food that has supported the health of Japanese people was in downtown. In addition to fish and meat, many traditional plant materials were used.


The head office of Japanese Herbs Association

Next to Kabukiza Theater.
Nearest station: Higashi Ginza Station