Do you want to enjoy those “hidden” good restaurants where locals like to go? Want to mingle with the locals?

We open a free online dining companion matching site called "EatMeet Tokyo". It features a guide to Tokyo restaurant that have been recommended by local people, for both foreign tourists and local people in Japan. You and local people can meet and eat together at an excellent restaurant that the locals recommend. By meeting with you, the local people get the chance to have an intercultural exchange.

Local people, who will be registered our new site, will also help you to communicate with a waiter or waitress at the restaurant.

Some locals in Tokyo learn English, Chinese and other languages. They would like to try practicing their foreign languages with you, to see how much of their spoken language foreigners can pick up and understand. Though their languages skills may not be perfect, and it might be hard for you to understand what they say, we promise that you will have fun anyway and make some good memories and friends in Tokyo. We aim to enhance mutual cultural understanding through international connections at EatMeet Tokyo, which also allows you to enjoy some excellent meals in Tokyo, Japan. As for the cost of the meal, we will ask you and your local host to divide the bill so that everyone makes an equal contribution.

If you live in Tokyo as a foreigner, you can register as both a host and as a traveler (guest) at the site!

“EatMeet Tokyo” has received approval from the small business innovation plan (Number 27-10) from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in May 2015

EatMeet Tokyo

我們在網路服務在東京之美食夥伴導覽網站”食遇在東京(EatMeet Tokyo)”,由當地人向外國旅客或本國遊客介紹只有當地人才知之美食祕境.你可以和本地人在餐廳遇見與一起享用美食.當地人也將樂意將本地美食文化介紹給你.
當地人可能會英文,或中文等.當地人會盡量使用你熟悉的語言與你溝通,但也許說的不太好或你可能也會不太瞭解,但我們承諾你將有當地友人在東京給你一個美好的旅遊回憶.透過"食遇在東京(EatMeet Tokyo)"我們將協助不同文化相互的認識與交通,並希望你可以盡情享受東京當地美食.


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