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Do you have any troubles with travel in Japan?

It is boring to join a typical package tour.
I've traveld big cities like Tokyo. I wanna visit other area I haven't been.
I heard it is not easy to travel rural area due to poor public transportation.
I don't want to be annoyed luggage plobrems.
Transpotration fee is always too costly.
I don't want to be annoyed luggage plobrems.
How about 

travel by a rental car?

You can travel anywhere!

There are many sightseeing spots which are really timeconsuming or impossible to reach by public transportation. If you drive by yourself, you can visit much nicer places.

You can control your own schedule.

Public transportation system in rural area are totally different from big city.
If you miss a train, you need to wait for next one for a long time.

If you drive by yourself, you will not use public transportation and you don't waste your time to wait for a train and bus an also don't need to walk from a station to your hotel.

No needs to worry about your luggage!

Luggage are one of the most troubling aspect of travel. Although it is short distance, walking with big luggage is tiring and time consuming.

If you drive by yourself, you can just load all of your luggage and souveniors to cargo space of your car!

Lower Price!

You need to pay a lot of cost for JR-Pass or Bullet train ticket if you are traveling in a big group.

Car rental will be more economila way!

Driving in foreign country is extremely interesting.

Driving in foreign country itself is an adventure! It must be highlight of your travel.
Additionally, country side of Japan is very easy to drive. It may be easier to drive in Japan than you country.
"Drive Japan" will let you know Japanese traffic rules and tip as well.

Because of these advantages, number of cars which are rented by foreign tourist are dramatically increasing.
However, to plan good driving route, you need to check and know a lot of things like geography, location of sightseeing spots, accomodations, seasonality and so on.

It is time consuming and tiring.

Drive Japan give you the best solution!


Drive Route Recommender

Drive Japan will recommend you one to four drive routes for each area and travel period(2D1N to 12D11N) as below example. You can find your ideal one which is adjusted for your own schedule. All routes are planed by experienced professsional Japanese.

5D4N Route 1

Travel northern part of Kyushu.
You can enjoy 5 diffrent cities stay.

5D4N Route 2

One way route of east side of Kyushu. You can enjoy most of highlight of Kyushu.

5D4N Route 3

Drive route which focus on northwest of Kyushu. Recommended for those who like history.

5D4N Route 4

Relaxing itinerary which you can stay 2 nights each. Recommended for Onsen lovers.


Daily driving map "DJMAP".

Once you book all the accomodations and a rental car along the route, Drive Japan provide daily driving map "DJMAP". Daily maps have 10 to 20 selected sightseeing spots and local restaurants.
Just pick your prefer spots and your own itinerary of the day will be completed.

DJ MAP is provided daily.
You can add, delete and change the order of the spot easily.

Recommended sightseeing spots will be changed depending on the season when you travel!


MAPCODE guides you the best location

MAPCODE is a number that is predetermined according to latitude and longitude.
It's a 6-12 digits number, and you can input it to car navigation system (GPS) instead of complicated Japanese address. MAPCODE can identify a specific cell of 9 square meters (3m x 3m) any place in Japan and you can visit anywhere by this number even the place doesn't have own address nor phone number.
DJMAP provides MAPCODE for every spots. You need not to waste your precious time to search car park anymore!


Completely free of charge!

Since "Drive Japan" earns the commission from the hotel booking website "agoda" and rental car company as revenue, you can use it free of charge! 
Only thing you have to do is to book your accommodations and rent a car from provided booking links.
You can save your time and money to enjoy your trip!
We are finding test user!
Free Rental Car Campaign
Application period:15Nov2018〜15Dec2018
If you arrange your travel during the above period with Drive Japan,
three groups will winn FREE rental car!
*The applicant is limited to a group who will travel Kyushu or Okinawa area.
*Any length of stay is fine.
*The campaign targets are limited to groups who will depart until end of March 2019.
*Please agree to have an interview after your travel.
*Only rental car fee will be covered. Other related fee like petrol, highway, parking fee and so on will be required.
*All other detailed information will be announced to the winners.

*Chinese and Korean version is coming soon.