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Do you wanna cook Japanese soul food?

For the people who wants to know the basis of Japanese food,  dashi & umami, and rice.

When you visit Japan, you can eat Japanese food and see rice and miso-soup many times.

Rice and miso-soup are not only the basis of Japanese food, but also soul food for Japanese.

Most of the restaurant or cooking lesson, rice and miso-soup are normal foods so they serve you as a part of foods.

But I think that understanding about rice and miso-soup, you'll know about Japan, culture, enviroment, and history.

So, in my cooking class, you cook rice and miso-soup from the first, and taste some kinds of dashi & umami.

Dashi is Japanese soup-stock and basis of traditional Japanese cuisine, Washoku.

Washoku was registered as a UNESCO Intangible cultural heritage in 2013 and Washoku is a World-Class.

Understanding dashi means understanding Washoku and Japanese culture, history and umami. 

Dashi is made by with all natural ingredients.  

Especialy for Washoku, we use dried ingredients such as Katsuobushi (dried Bonito), Kombu( a kind of seaweed), Niboshi(boiled and dried seafood) and Hoshi-Shiitake(dried Japanese mushroom).

You can make dashi very easily with these dashi-ingredients, because there are so many skills of craftsmen to make and wisdom of Japanese.

Let's make dashi and Japanese food by yourself and feel more Japan!!

about Dashi Kitchen ZEN


Hello, I’m Aki. I have a dashi and Japanese home cooking class in Tokushima and Kyoto, Japan.

I will serve you real Dashi and home cooking with all natural and fresh ingredients.You can taste and make Dahi by yourself and it will give you special experience in Japan. 

I hope you enjoy Japan and Japanese food!

about me

 I am Aki Kawaguchi.I was born in Kyoto and lived there for more than 20 years.  I like traveling around in Japan and the world.
I have lived in Kyoto, Tokyo, Hokkaido, Gifu, Fukuoka, and Tokushima. And I enjoyed the differences in culture and foods in these places.I have liked cooking since I was 10 years old and first started cooking. Then I learned about dashi and Japanese cooking. It was the foundation of my love of cooking.

I am a dashi-sommelier (a qualification of dashi soup) and can tell you about dashi, UMAMI and Japanese foods and seasoning.I will help you to discover Japanese culture through cooking and learning recipes that you can recreate at home.


Dashi ingredients are all natural.  Especially for washoku, we use dried foods, such as Kombu, dried fish, and dried mushrooms.  
Let's cook with these Japanese ingredients and taste UMAMI!!


Dashi ingredients are all natural.  Especially for washoku, we use dried foods, such as Kombu, dried fish, and dried mushrooms.  
Let's cook with these Japanese ingredients and taste UMAMI!!

About the dashi lesson

1.Explain about Dashi-soup, ingredients, and UMAMI.

2.Taste Dashi and ingredients

3.Make Dashi and miso-soup and also cook rice by yourself

4.Eat Japanese home-style cuisine

miso-soup & 1 main dish & rice

​(Menu will be changed)


◎Plum course 5000 yen

・Explain about Washoku , Japanese traditional cuisine, dashi and umami.
・Taste 3 or 4 kinds of traditional dashi-soup and dashi ingredients.
・Cook miso-soup and rice by yourself from the first and eat.
◎Bamboo course 7000 yen
・same as Plum course
・Make Ponzu (blended soysauce , dashi and fresh citrus fruit juice made in Tokushima).
It is nice for using as dressing for meal.
◎Pine course 20000 yen
・same as Bamboo course

・Take you to the local dashi and miso shop.

The Voice of Guest

From the production of the raw ingredients to the preparation in the kitchen. There is even more to dashi than I imagined.

Dashi Kitchen ZEN really knows her subject.

Aki san passion is dashi. She has been to furthest coasts of Japan to learn about its production from Hokkaido konbu to Shizuoka kasuobushi.

We had a wonderful time with with Aki san. She was an enthusiastic advocate for Japanese dashi culture. We learned to prepare dashi and used it to make our own miso soup. I could really taste the difference that fine ingredients and a confident cook make (I've since been complimented on my soup).

Aki san has a wealth of knowledge and was pleased to answer all our questions.

Dashi Kitchen ZEN is more than just a cooking class.  (Emma Parsons)

Place of Class
(Tokushima & Kyoto)


google map

Innovation center Tokushima

   3-13-1-2F Saiwai-cho Tokushima-city

  〒770-0847 徳島県徳島市幸町3丁目13−1−2F 


google map

premarche academy

   294 Gokyou-chou Nakagyou-ku Kyoto-city    

  〒604-8331 京都府京都市中京区御供町294 三条通, 猪熊西入


Innovation center Tokushima

Address 3-13-1-2F Saiwai-cho Tokushima-city
TEL 090-4445-3748


Premarche Academy

Address 294 Gokyo-chou Sanjo-dori Inokuma, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-city
日本、〒604-8331 京都府京都市中京区御供町294 三条通, 猪熊西入
TEL 090-4445-3748