CyberMaze: NeuroBowl

Solve mazes using your muscles


Use myoelectricity as a controller. Put strength in your arms to tilt the stage along the x-axis or y-axis.


The stages are designed to convey knowledge on neuroscience as you play the game.

VR ready

Programmed using Unity, which allows you to play immersively using Google Cardboard. PC version is available too.

What is myoelectricity?

Myoelectricity is the electric signal that your muscle transmits when you try to use your muscle. If you put strength in your right arm for instance, there would be a signal coming from the brain to the muscle on your right arm to actuate it. Once that signal get to your arm, you can capture the myoelectricity with the electrodes on your arm.

Game Play

Stage Selection

There are 4 stages in total. They are designed to correspond to retina, primary visual cortex, neuronal culture and a tutorial. Before playing, you will callibrate your electromyograph.

Maze Solving

You need to fully utilize the mind and the body to solve the game. Intellectually interact with the gimmicks to find your way to the goal and adjust the power in your 2 arms to tilt the stage and bring yourself to the goal. The goal is to get to a specific point or to flfill a given objective within time.

For more information

If you are interested in this game and want to play or have further information, please make contact via the email adress above. You need access to a electromyograph and we may be capable of providing you the access.