IgAi Records 始動


アジアへ挑む多国籍Crew 「IgAi Records (イガイレコーズ)」が遂に始動。
第一弾は中国人ラッパー&トラックメイカー「CaTEye(キャッツアイ)」の「Crocodile Remix EP」をリリース。

Representing diverse facets of culture and nationalities across Asia, “IgAi Records,” is a fresh, dynamic music crew. IgAi Records is proud to support their first artist Chinese rapper and track maker, CaTEye with her new release “Crocodile Remix EP.” The accompanying MV conjures up images of “Tokyo,” and “Kabukicho,” mystery against a cyber punk landscape.


Now, asia cultures like 88rising are focused. Then new crew is started.

多国籍なメンバーを擁する"IgAi Records"から2019年リリース第一弾として、中国出身の女性ラッパー&トラックメイカー「CaTEye(キャッツアイ)」の「Crocodile」のRemix EPをリリース。 CrocodileのMVは香港映画のようなサイバーパンクを感じさせる空気感の中、赤いリキッドが入った謎の容器を巡ってのサスペンステイストな仕上がりになっている。Crocodileとは「元恋人」を表す隠語。赤い液体が繋ぐ「元恋人=Crocodile」への復讐のストーリーが動き出す。

Representing multiple nationalities “IgAi Records” is proud to share their first release of 2019 from Chinese rapper and track maker CaTEye, “Crocodile,” a Remix EP. The accompanying MV features a cyberpunk world flavored with Hong Kong imagery and a mysterious red liquid which climaxes in suspense. The meaning behind Crocodile is “a Past Lover,” and this is embodied by the red liquid leading to a lucid story reflective of the bold beat and statement lyrics of the song.

楽曲はIgAi Recordsのレーベルヘッドでもあるサウンドクリエイター"NRTT"らが「Chill Trap」などのエッセンスを盛り込んで豪快にリミックス。そして若干20歳の新進気鋭の映像クリエイター"fang"によるVIVIDな映像美によるMVが楽曲の世界観をさらに加速させる。 アジアを目指した"IgAi Records"のこれからの展開から目が離せない。

One remix is created by NRTT from IgAi Records and embodies “Chill Trap,” the release features exclusive remixes. Also featured is young, 20 year old storyteller and creator, “fang” who’s vivid world and MV expand the music. Moving forward IgAi Records will continue to grow across Asia.

There are many international cast in the MV.

The story of revenge with mysterious red liquid.

In the scene, Tokyo looks like mysterious Asia city.


CaTEye (キャッツアイ) 猫眼以太

DJ×ラッパー×ビートメーカーという多くの立場で活躍する時代を先取る多才な女性アーティスト。日本語、中国語、英語の三国語を操り国際的な創作活動をする彼女は独特なアートと流行を織り交ぜたセンスでHiphop,Trap/Future bass, Chill-out, R&Bのみならず多くの分野を自由に往き来する。奇妙で奥行きのあるエモーショナルな世界観と最先端かつ都会的なサウンドを描くのに長けている。

CaTEye is a DJ, a Rapper, a Beat Maker, and a female artist who is involved and current with creative flow. Japanese, Chinese, English, as an independent artist she brings international elements of language and culture to her work in Hiphop, Trap/Future bass, Chill-out, R&B and various other genre. CaTEye brings forward a unique emotional view of the world.



中学時代、兄の影響でビルボードチャートのヒット曲に興味を待ち音楽にのめり込む。その後、楽器にも興味をもち始め、ギターリストとしてロックバンドを始める。20歳ごろ本格的に音楽活動を開始。 音楽性もロックだけでなくJamiroquaiやRed Hot Chili Peppersなどの歌を中心としたミクスチャーバンドなどにも興味を持つ。 そして、2006年ボーカルのucioとともにダンスミュージックユニットLILを結成。インディーズレーベルで3枚のアルバムをリリースし、その後、メジャーレコード会社のEMI Music Japanと契約。 auのCMタイアップ曲「Waching you feat.WISE」は、レコチョク着うたフル総合6位に輝いた。 2012年方向性の違いから解散。 現在は数々のアーティストプロデュースワークや楽曲提供をはじめ、ソロ活動、クラブDJ、CM音楽制作、TVドラマなどのワークスに携わるかたわら新人育成も積極的に行っている。

IgAi recordsのレーベルヘッドとして新たな展開を仕掛けていく。

From middle school through the impact of his brother NRTT began listening to the billboard hit chart and this impacted his love of music. Following an interest in playing instruments he began a career as a guitarist joining a local rock band. Around the age of 20 he launched his career. Not only is he interested in rock music, he is a fan of Jamiroquai, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and artists on the mix charts in Japan. In 2006 he united with vocalist ucio and created the dance music unit LIL. Together they released 3 albums on an independent label and after gaining exposure had their major debut with EMI Music Japan. They were featured in an au CM song “Watching you feat. WISE” which reached #6 on the rekochoku chart. In 2012 they split due to creative difference. Currently NRTT works on cultivating and producing artists, solo projects, DJing, creating CM songs, and TV drama features, along with developing emerging Artists with his positive vibes.


fang (ファン)






fang directed the MV for Chinese rapper, trackmaker


With a Chinese background, his view of the world
creates a unique impact and culture.

Not only does he have experience with this MV but
he also was the VJ for the 50th Kokuritsu University Percussion Ensemble and
participates in a variety of creative endeavors. Currently he is creating and developing
short films.




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Enjoy our music!

IgAi Recordsについて (About IgAi Records)

その2つを掛け合わせ、日本からマニアックを超えたポップスを世界に輩出していくことをigAI Recordsは目指している。

Launched by creator “TSUGE,” from the dance influenced unit “LIL.” igAi Records represents artists of diverse International backgrounds.

The name “igAi,” (which means unexpected in Japanese) also aligns with label head TSUGE’s heritage from a local area in Japan called Iga (now Mie Prefecture) giving the label name a unique play on words. It was formed to combine a love for music and street culture in a surprising way. Combining these 2 elements IgAi Records hopes to bring out a new maniac style of pop into the world. Bridging all genres the label is surging forward.

IgAi Recordsの新作リリースも続々進行中

Now we are creating new contens.


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