Is physical labour used in your business to move items around?

We realise that businesses have been using physical labour instead of “casters”.

We can really allow your business to step up a notch.
Utilizing our casters for any work that currently makes use of “manpower” can make “reduced labor costs” and “a reduced number of accidents” possible.
We are the biggest caster manufacturer in Japan.

We are the only caster manufacturer in the casting industry in Japan.

Our wide variety of casters made through the patent manufacturing method with FCD materials are useful in various work scenes such as sites where heavy shipbuilding and cars are carried, the outdoors, wet floors and areas with poor surface conditions.

“TOUHOKU” casters will make your business run smoother!

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They are completely different to conventional casters.

There are 4 key points that are different.

Each caster can carry a maximum weight of three tons.
[Load limit]
More than 3 times the strength of regular cast iron!
Important items will not be damaged.
[Moment of impact]
10 times the strength of regular cast iron!

20 -24% !
They still work even after 20 years of use.
[Abrasion resistance]
6 times that of steel!

[Flexural strength]
More than 3 times that of regular cast iron!
Able to withstand 300℃ of heat.
[Heat resistance]
-10℃ - 300℃!
Able to withstand 300℃ of heat.
[Heat resistance]
-10℃ - 300℃!
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Company Information
Company Name


CEO Jun Kohinata
Established February 1960


37 million yen

Employees 26
3-3-8 Kamiaokinishi, Kawaguchi city, Saitama, Japan
Established February 1960

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