Rejuvenate your body from the bust!

An old bust rejuvenates like 20s! Bust care from forties

Popular bust care "Miracle bust" is renewed!
It is reborn as "BB (beauty bust) make method" newly.
Under the spring bust aging campaign enforcement in commemoration of renewal! !

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Do you have such trouble?

Overall bust
It has fallen

After giving birth and breastfeeding, women's body shape changes. It will also break down with age.

Shoulders stiff

Aren't you a cat back? If your posture gets worse due to muscle weakness or scapula distortion, stiff shoulders become worse.

It became old and came to be seen

I want to be able to look young forever, but it will be shocking if it is seen above age due to skin dullness or sagging.

That may be the cause of bust "aging"

As you age, your body drops. Of course, the bust also hangs down.
And bust falls when it becomes a cat back.
Because the body is connected by a piece of skin, it will hang down to be drawn to that part.

For those over 35,
The peak of female hormone secretion is too late!

Secretion of estrogen peaks at 28 to 30 years.
After that, it descends at a stretch.
Along with that, the function as a woman begins to decline, and it moves to menopause.

A young bust rejuvenates the entire impression

Compared to 20's, the bust in 40's and 50's drops up to 6 cm.
If the position of the bust top is below, it will look old.

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It is change of two months of woman of 40s or more who suffered from old bust

48 years old

The fat that was scattered on my back and upper arms fits neatly in the cup and I feel refreshed, and the position of the bust top has risen.
The size is also 2 cups larger.

52 years old

The fat on the back of the stairs became thin, and the two arms became thin. The bust which went down because it was large originally went up.

42 years old

The bust that fell in a forward-looking posture with a cat-like feeling also went up properly because the posture was improved.

49 years old

I was originally lean and there was not much fat in my upper body. Therefore, the bust is not big either, but even if it is not big, the bust has fallen due to aging.
Careful care has resulted in a beautiful back and silhouette.

Flow of experience


We will have a welcome drink when you visit us.
We will talk about your body problems so please relax and talk.

Correct upper body distortion

The inside of the silver-made vest-like bra "Re-madonna" which conducts electricity
Wear it and let it flow so weak current that you can not feel it while lying on the bed.
Please rest for 15 minutes as if you would like to out.

Produce body collagen and decollete
Increase the volume

Using a silver glove, apply a slight current and fix your own fat that has flowed to your arms and back in your bust.
It is characterized by retention and retention better than all-hand surgery.

Check how to wear bra and size

After the treatment, check your bra size and how to wear it.
Please note that the bust may become large and the size of the bra you were wearing may not fit.

After counseling

Thank you for your hard work.
After the treatment, I will compare future photos while comparing before and after photos.

I also had trouble with my bust

I was troubled by the bust since I was a teenager.
"The bust isn't big even though I'm not thin."

I experienced childbirth at the age of 25 and 28 and the bust changed further.
"I want to return to fluffy fluffy tits like a maternity".
I think so, supplement, massage, correction underwear, bust up beauty treatment etc.
I have tried all sorts of ways.

At the age of 38, according to a certain method
"... Somehow I have a bust on the bust .... Maybe maybe the bust is better now than in his twenties?"
I realized the effect by myself.
From this time on, I was often seen younger than my actual age.

And now at the age of 41, the revolutionary bust care method of “rejuvenating bust and rejuvenating appearance” was completed.

We currently offer this bust care menu in our own beauty salon, and have saved the bust of many customers.
I want to be the power of more troubled customers!
We are in touch with our customers every day.

"The bust is poor and I can not wear the open dress or knit sweater."
"You are older than actual age and you see shock"
Stop thinking about that already, wear your favorite clothes and enjoy fashion as much as you want.

Rejuvenated bust researcher
Aesthetic salon  Aroma Choeur  representative 
Kazumi Kiyonaga

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