Traffic accident


in Tokyo

Best legal service.
For every foreign people.

If you are in a foreign country and got an traffic accident, you will be at a complete loss.
And if you couldn’t resolve it because of your language barrier, that would be a tragedy.

Just give us a call if you got injured by traffic accident.
We are here to help you.

Special background.

I was born in Great Britten, and spent my childhood in Great Britten, and also I've been in Indonesia for another 3 years.

And back then, I thought it was difficult to resolve a legal problem for foreign people.

So now, I want to fight for foreign people who don't speak Japanese.

Rich experience.

I have handled many cases of foreign people's traffic accident.
Among many cases in the past,Dutch man’s case was the most impressive in which I met with my client’s expectations.

On the way home, my client was hit by a car. And he was knocked over for 10 meters.
He was sent to a hospital and he lost his memory. And even worse, there was after-effect and he couldn’t flex the right ankle anymore. So he couldn’t jump and run anymore.

The first insurance company's proposal was 19,000,000 yen, but it was too low.
So I started to handle this case, and in a law suit, we could get a 28,000,000 yen settlement.

Typically, an insurance company's first proposal is too low.

So please have our consultation before you sign the paper.

Clear accounting.

Please consult.

Consultation fee
10,000 yen for an hour.

Lawyer's fee
At first fee  54,000 yen.
Last fee 20% of the money you get + 54,000 yen.


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