Cafe Mokuba started from 1975.
Classical, old but relaxed stle cafe
where you can enjoy and feel like home.

Same Ol' COFFEE for 40 years

"Hand dripped Real Coffee"

Good old styled Blended COFFEE
(over 40 years : 300 Yen :
You can choose from regular or weak type.
Fresh grounded and filter dripped.
Never same like just heated in store (some big coffee chain shops)
Free toasted bread with butter ! (8:30 to 11:00 am)

"Hisa-chan" the owner

Date of Birth : April 14th 1939
Everybody calls her : "Hisa-chan"

 ・She closed "KIKUYA" in 1974.
 ・Then, renobated KIKUYA and opened as "Cafe Mokuba" in 1975. 
 ・Hobby : Nichibu (Japanese traditional dance), Karaoke, Going to hot springs.
 ・We had faced so many tough situation and things,
but could run shop for over 40 years.

* Renovated : November 2013.

Message : "We hope to provide good coffee and space for healing."


10 min. from JR-Chuo Line "Tajimi Station" South Exit