Your Japanese learning journey is ready

Study Japanese with perfectly planned lessons with a room teacher.

Everything is well planned

Buddy X was made for those of you who have trouble studying Japanese by themselves. What's different from other online Japanese schools or teachers is that I not only consider about improving the quality of the lessons but also reducing the cost for taking a class. (Speaking about how I do it, please refer here.) As for the quality, I always make plans before I teach and follow it. If teachers make plans while teaching, don't you think the class gets messy? That's why. What you have to do is just to follow what's told, meaning you never have to think about what and how you study Japanese. Everything is well planned!


There is just one thing you should do to improve your Japanese and that is to keep learning. However, we all know that studying by yourself is hard. For that, I assign homework before you attend the class. By working on it, you can have time to study without any efforts of thinking about what to do and actually study yourself.

Room Teacher System

Haven`t you had any experience of changing teachers many times ending in bad results? Here, I assign one teacher for you so that he/she can keep an eye on your week and strong points to make the class better for you.

Planned Class

You may have taken a class which is not planned before you take it. However, I definitely make a plan on what to do in the class beforehand so that the quality of the lesson improves. By following the plan, you won't spend useless time to think about what you study in the class.


Tatsuya Oda

Hello, my name is Tatsuya Oda who has been teaching Japanese for a few years. Thank you for visiting this page and having gotten interested in Japanese language. I promise two things. I'll make the cost of classes as cheap as possible as well as improving the quality of them. Please contact me through the email below if you are interested. I look forward to hearing from you soon.