Coffee for home, Coffee for peace

COVID-19 has been a real thread and rapidly expanding around the world.
We stay home to prevent spread of infections by our own accord.
However you may feel insecure, and sense of isolation for the world with uncertainty / VUCA.
This is exactly why coffee can contribute to the peace for your mind.
Let’s brew coffee you love and stay connected for happiness at online
as if we share the same table.
Let’s spend happiest moment regardless of nationality, generation and gender.

#BrewHome #おうちコーヒー #COVID19

#BrewHome Every7:00~9:00AM@ZOOM

March 30
March 31
March 31
April 2
April 2

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Project Member

Founder / World Barista Champion 2014: Hidenori Izaki (QAHWA)
Founder / Concept / Creative Director / Copywriter: Kohei Kawasaki
Facilitator: Satoshi Hirota (QAHWA)
Producer: Yongbom  Seo (PEAK)
Art Director: Tomoki Tachibana (Shed)