We are R&R Co LTD

R&R Co,stands for 
       Safety and Reliability


Including electric equipment, we can rent many machines.

We offer the machine which is hard to be broken.



You can buy a cheap used hoists.

The performance is guaranteed despite a used machine.
You can buy a machine made in Japan
at a price of a one-tenth, very 
affordableprice! Stock is limited.


We ensure that all products will go theough acomplete maintenance and inspection.Our maintenance and inspection procedures fully comply with the maintenance standards in japan.

Submitting Goods

Lever Block

Capacity   750kg
Length     1.5m
Weight      6.2kg

Premium Japan Quality!!

Chain Bloock

Capacity   1000kg
Length     6.0m
Weight      18.0kg

Premium Japan Quality!!

Electric Chain 
Block Secondhand

Capacity   1000kg
Length     6.0m
Weight      73kg

Premium Japan Quality!!

Magnetic Manhole 
Lifter Nano

Capacity        150kg
Dimension     70×20cm
Weight        2.5kg
Price             35,000yen
*To manage the heavy workloads
  by just one machine. Try the 
  most advanced technology from
  Europe Now!


Pocket Air Wedge Pump

A convenient tool to make the heavy tasks easier!
Fit into gaps as small as 2mm and lift heavy objects by simply pumping it up!
Best Seller in Japan!

Dimension  150×160mm
Capacity  135Kg
Net Weight 79g
Material Fiber-reinforced Rubber 
price    3,500yen


New-style goods in Japan

Stairs Carriage Cart

Cargo Stairlift
A cargo stairlift is the perfect tool yo help you safely transport heavy loads where the elevator is not available. The cargo stirlift is to transport up to 500kg loads electrically.

Lightning Rod

New lighining Suppression Product
This new ligthning product is the latest technology from Europe.It cretes a 100-meter radius zone of protection and is prevent lightning strikes in the protected area of coverage.Please contact us for more details

Company Proffile

R&R Co.,LTD was establiished in September 1989,and currently focuses on the rental,sale and repair of smail-scale construction machinery and equipment in japan.The company has 104 employees as of 2017,with annual sales reaching 3,408,130,000yen.
With headquarter close to Tokyo Disneyland,tse company has ten branch offices all throughout japan,including in Osaka and Sapporo.In the last 4-5years,sales and profits have doubled,and the company is currently experiencing accelerating growth.

Products and Sevice

The company has in its possession over a thousand of machinery and eqipment
including manual and motorized chain blocks,hydraulic jacks,vacuum cleaners,
drills,illuminators,and metalworking tools.These tools and equipment are professionally maintained and inspected prior to rental.In addition,in the 2-3 years,the company has also degun offering installation services,technical support and related proposals.


Head office
16th Floor NBF Shinurayasu Tower, 1-5-2 Irifune, Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture,Japan
info shiozaki-m@r-rental.co.jp