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Hello!  I'm Aileen.

I'm a mom of two college boys and working as an IPC for two years.

In 2010, I had toxic eczema from sunscreen ingredients, and I had burn-like red skin inflammation on all over my face and neck suffered every time I got exposed to the direct sun for years from the remaining ingredients in collagen under my skin, then one day I met this amazing product that helped me to detox not only what's left under my skin but also my whole body.
Now thanks to noni's detoxing power, I enjoy having the best skin and the best health in my life.

It feels so great to talk face to face with people knowing I don't have any skin conditions that I want to hide.
It gives me confidence, and I hope you'll become loving your skin, too.

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Our collagen is made with Noni juice which stimulates collagen production and type 1,2, and 3, made from exclusive marine sourced collagen and other natural vitamins which helps improve skin health added.
You'll get bouncy younger looking skin that reduces sogginess and wrinkles within 30 days.
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