Antiviral / antibacterial performance paint

Has anti-virus performance
One and only glass coat.
Extremely long lasting,
Form a strong killer coating.
The shape of the construction surface is not selected.
To protect that life,
Introducing new options.


GlossWell # 360: What is Type Anti-Viral?

Based on an inorganic (real glass) glass coating agent, the anti-virus / anti-bacterial / anti-fungal function of various viruses, various bacteria / fungi, and a special compound derived from sodium that suppresses the survival and growth It has the latest special paint. Unlike antibacterial products such as conventional spray-type chemicals and wet-tissue types, it is a paint. It is possible to form a killer antibacterial coating. GlossWell # 360: The cured coating formed by Type Anti-Viral has excellent super water repellent performance, super release performance against oil components, weather resistance when used outdoors, and various resistance to ethanol etc. Chemical performance is also provided. made in Japan.
    • It has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and is effective against norovirus.
    • Excellent water and oil repellency and super release performance.Easy removal of fingerprints, oils, body fluids, and dirt.
    • Construction is possible by simple painting.Applicable cured coating film with excellent adhesion can be applied to various substrates in one coat.Confirm adhesion beforehand.
    • Excellent solvent resistance and electrical insulation, and the coating is nonflammable.
    • The cured coating is colorless and transparent.
    •  Form a glossy coating film with excellent smoothness.

Places where you want construction

Objects that can be touched by an unspecified number of people at ordinary households / public facilities
It can be used for various metals / resin base materials / plastic base materials / glass / concrete / wood etc.

Various door knobs and handrails / Hanging leather and handrails for public transportation / Car doors: Handles for inner and outer parts / Tables and chairs in general houses and stores, counters / Operation buttons such as elevators / Toilet peripheral equipment: Toilet seats / Shared lockers / Water supply equipment: faucets, hand washing, etc. For toys and playground equipment in general.

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Our thoughts

February 2020. Unfortunately, the special paint with this unique function has been highlighted in the midst of a sudden warning. At present, there is no way to test various effects on the new coronavirus, but GlossWell # 360: Type Anti-Viral has a function that completely matches the existing definition of antibacterial (antivirus / antibacterial / antifungal). Norovirus, which is the strongest among viruses, has been confirmed. A strong antibacterial coating with antiviral / antibacterial functions + frequent disinfection with ethanol is considered the most active infection prevention measure in the current living environment.