Cabinet for Tea ceremony
Necklace from old comb
French dinig table etc.
American silver watch
Antique jewelies
Kutani sake cup
Koimari large dish
Party dress from old Kimono
Vintage soda siphon
English cut glass dish
French uranium glass
Sopiolite flute playing boy
Party dress from old Kimono

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"Let's cherish good products forever"

Our shop opened about 30 years ago as an "antique shop" and sells English and French and Japanese antiques. In addition, we have been making creative clothes (ready made and order made)by old kimono, and many people have received high praise and patronage.

In addition, we are exhibiting events at Japanese famous department stores (Hankyu, Hanshin, Daimaru, Takashimaya, Kintetsu, Matsuya, etc.) to expand our business to new customers.

 In recent years, it has also been exhibited on Yahoo Japan auctions and eBay(U.S.A), and has also been sold overseas.

 The motto of our shop is "Let's cherish good products forever!". We continue to use products created with excellent techniques from the past with affection and pass them on to the next generation, so mass production and mass consumption We hope not only to break away from but also to have a time of healing in the lives of modern people.

 And from this concept of our shop, we realized that even in modern goods, there are "high-quality, stylish, easy-to-use, unique products that have not yet been introduced to Japan." By introducing to Japan such excellent overseas products that are active in the lives of modern people like this, we are trying to become a bridge to the world.

 Fortunately, we have a relationship with Japanese famous department stores, so we want to develop face-to-face sales at physical stores as well as online sales.

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