Hello!I am...

こんにちは、田嶋彩芳(tajima Ayaho)です。

Hello, this is Ayao Tajima.
This is the page that summarizes my music activities.

I want to convey the way of life of music

I walked with the piano. Surely I will continue to be active as a pianist. If anyone likes piano, I would like to teach you how wonderful it is to live with music.


My resolution

「好きで始めたピアノ」と言いたいのですが、最初は親の勧めでした。引っ込み思案の普通の女の子がいつ辞めようと思いつつピアノは楽しいときも辛いときも心の友でした。レッスンを継続し自然と音楽系の学校に入り、コンクールに参加するとそれなりの成績を修め、気が付くと音楽留学そしてコンクールで優勝、ヨーロッパでの演奏。  現在は、私がたどった道のりのように初めてピアノを触る小さな子供たちに音楽という無限の可能性を教えつつ、終わりのない音楽の道を精力的に追求し演奏活動に励んでいます。

I would like to say, "I started the piano as I liked," but at first, my parents recommended it.While I was thinking about quitting for an ordinary girl who was always thinking about quitting, the piano was a friend of mine both for fun and hard times.She continued her lessons, naturally entered a music school, and when she participated in the competition, she achieved her grade, and found out that she had won the music study and competition, and played in Europe.  Now, I'm teaching my first little children to touch the piano like the way I've been following me the limitless possibilities of music, and I'm vigorously pursuing endless music paths and performing activities.

What I like: Coffee, Travel, Reading, Music, Creative Activities