Zhejiang Jiacheng New Material Co., Ltd.(Later named SJK Corporation) was founded in 1994. It focuses on manufacturing professional rubber seal products, and providing seal technology application solutions over 20 years. The concept of SJK are keeping initiative and pragmatic spirit, maintaining the stability of product quality, and keeping constant pursuit.

As an enterprise who combines R&D, manufacturing,and marketing into one modern enterprise,SJK has professional experimentalfacilities,more than 100 advanced production and checkout equipments,and modern ERP management system, so it can achieve timely quotation, strict production, quality assurance, punctual delivery, and sincere aftermath.

SJK has rich experience in development of seal molds, as well as the absolute advantage of new product development and application solution of the sealing system.

Please tell us your needs, we have the professional team to service you and develop your customized products within 20 working days.