Aleppo Olive & Laurel Soap

Chemical-free natural soap which has an ancient history in Aleppo, Syria


About 1,000 years ago, when Japan lived in the noble Heian Era, the Mediterranean Region lived in the golden age of the Arab-Islamic culture. The City of Aleppo flourished as a major trading center on the cross road of the Silk Road to the Mediterranean Sea. Many merchants came to this City from all over the world. Markets(Souks) and Caravanserai( inns for the merchants and camels ) were prosperous. Soap was one of their popular specialties of Aleppo to trade. There is a record that during the 15th century, more than 500 tons of soap were exported annually to the capital city of the Ottoman Empire.
At the time of the 17th century the know-how of soap making was brought by European Merchants to Europe, and the boom of soap making came to Europe.
And now, after many years having passed since then, Aleppo soap making is still proudly continuing and preserving its tradition. Its fame is spread not only in the Arab-Islamic and European regions, but also in other countries. Over 1,000 years Aleppo soap is loved and its popularity still remains strong.

Made with 100% natural olive and laurel berry oils, water and lye.

Low irritating and deep penetration moisturizing soap.

  • Recommended for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Not only for washing your body, but also for washing your face and hair.
  • The aroma of laurel berry oil prevents body odor, dandruff or itchiness and keeps your skin in a good condition.

Our products are three types.

Extra 40

Olive oil 60%, laurel oil 40%

This soap contains 40 % of very precious laurel oil, originally grown in the Mediterranean region. Laurel oil is said to be effective as a stimulant, disinfectant and prevents dandruff. When you use it, you have a refreshed and aromatic woody feeling as if you have peaceful walk through the woods. This aroma prevents body odor. It is suitable for washing hair.
Net 180g  US$10.00


olive oil 90%, laurel oil 10%

This is the standard type of Aleppo Soap, rich in olive oil.  Olive oil contains a composition of oleic acid, similar to that of the human skin. Because of it, Aleppo Soap cleans the skin and at the same time compensates fatty acids, which give a smooth and moisturizing feeling to the skin. Moreover, Aleppo Soap contains Squalene,etc. which keep the skin  hygienic.  This soap is the traditional type recommended to persons with a delicate skin.
Net 200g US$7.00


olive oil 98%, laurel oil 2%

ALEPPO SOAP LIGHT uses a special olive oil, which makes it milder than our normal line. This soap has been aged for more than 3 years. It is more compact and less soluble compared with our other soaps. Please use it not only to your total body, but also for your hair. Please enjoy its light and smooth feeling on your skin.

Net 180g  US$5.00

making process

olive fluits harvest

cooking of Soap base

washing of Soap base

The hot soap base is poured on the floor.

Cutting of soap base

cutting of soap base

stumpping on the soap bar.

young soaps

working for mature.

waitting for the soap bars to mature

creaning soaps after finished to mature.

packing a soap

about us

Aleppo Soap Trading CO., Ltd.
(Olive And Laurel Soap CO.)

Our founder fell in love with Aleppo's soap in 1994 and started operations with special focus on importing and selling this soap.

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