A producing agency that transforms the identities of individuals and owners into assets.

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A producing agency that transforms the identities of individuals and owners into assets.

We undertakes brand development, strategy planning and execution from individual (or owner) identities , and proposes brand strategies in the digital age.

We propose business strategies by visualizing the mission, vision, and concept obtained from individual identities.
As a concrete measure, we will carry out one-stop creative, marketing, media operation, and platform development.

Intellectual property is alchemized by proposing a brand business as a means for artists to continue their activities in the future, or branding as an issue for companies . Sustainably maximize its value.

mission "Creating a new story"

By redefining the value of individuals, corporations, businesses, and products, we develop and operate brands that will be loved for a long time.
Developing a differentiated brand requires a unique new story based on the philosophy.

By proposing a brand story that delivers a rich experience that changes the values ​​of the people involved, to as many people as
possible, we can formulate a life and management strategy from a long-term perspective and maintain sustainability. It will be possible to create a certain business. Alchemists will support long-term

efforts to jointly create these stories with partners, develop the completed stories, and enrich the people involved

value "Transforming individual / corporate identities into assets"

We will redefine the potential identities (brand stories) of people, society, businesses, and products, and practice brand development and operation.
At present,
we transform our customers into brand fans by giving a brand story to businesses that have been created by committing only to numbers and the goodness of functions and services .

This will

1. Increased profit margin

2. Sustainability (LTV) improvement

3. Reduction of sales and marketing costs

4. Claim reduction

It will be possible to launch a stable and long-lasting brand business.


Branding to Technology

Starting from the inventory of client identities,
strategy construction from software branding (brand image setting, roadmap formulation, future image formulation) to hard domain creative (books, HP, media transmission, movies), operation of generated media Propose.

In developing an omnidirectional model starting from the axis of humanity,
we will follow the entire business design , not just so-called proposals .
Our concept is branding / marketing / creative / content & relations unification and systematization.

Philosophy and values ​​that have been created since human beings were born.
We will embody the linguistic / non-linguistic beauty of these and connect them to beautiful works / products / brands just like alchemy.

Instead of focusing on immediate profits and starting with a short-term strategy,
we propose a brand story that is unique to the world from a long-term perspective,
and provide total support for activities that lead to profits.



We believe that all of our suggestions already exist in our partners.
Therefore, we will not make any proposals that ignore individual humanity or that are not based on humanity.
Instead of creating something new from scratch, we want to regain the brilliance that is already buried in the rough stones and deliver it to the world in a better form.
To that end, we aim to turn humanism (praising human dignity) into a visible asset and manage it.

Remind what you had.

unify brand image.

make new developments.

management system for brand 

All our proposals begin with a visualization of the philosophy.

Therefore, there can be no marketing or creativity without a brand story or concept. 

In order to ensure consistency / repeatability / continuity, which is the basis of brand strategy, and increase corporate value,
we first conduct careful hearings, devise appropriate measures, and develop a strong own brand. I will.

After that, why is the current product / work / business not differentiated? 
We identify the cause, protect the brand image, propose a consistent profit model in all areas, and propose
marketing and creative strategies.

Furthermore, the essence of branding is relationship building.
We also propose operational methods on how to build continuous communication with fans.
At that time, we will make it
possible to measure the brand value created by proposing platform development for general management .

technology - Quantify relationships with fans

Platform development as an exit.

In order to protect intangible property such as concept and brand loyalty,
we are planning the development of our own platform and owned media.
By simultaneously proposing a business model as a means to develop a brand and then operate it, and finally establish fans in the brand,
it is possible to quantitatively observe the effect of the developed brand operation. Will be.

Branding gyro effect

The phenomenon in which the posture of an object is less likely to be disturbed when it rotates (the faster it rotates)
is called the gyro effect.
Re: MIND's approach evokes an identity with respect to the axis that an individual has
, and Re: UNION's born humanity and Re: MAKE's creative proposal as an output.
We will accelerate our business, develop high-speed movements, and formulate and execute a brand strategy that will not shake.


Yusuke Watanabe 

brand manager

Hiroshi Tomita

CMO / marketing adviser
brand manager

Masanori Watanabe

CCO / Chief Creative Officer


Company name ALCHEMIST LLC
Established October 2, 2018
CEO Yusuke Watanabe


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