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We want our clients to easily review the different events that are useful for them and encourage them to participate in social events in order to get more knowledge and be more interactive.

Cambodian Children's Fund

We're transforming the lives of the most impoverished, marginalized and neglected children in Cambodia through high quality education, leadership training and direct support programs. Your donation will help us continue to deliver critical support to the community and life transforming education opportunities for the most vulnerable.

Virtual Campus Tour By KIT

Virtual Campus Tour will be an entirely virtual experience this year to the reality of beautiful university campus and community including student's dormitory. 
Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 10 AM UTC + 07 – 10:30 AM UTC + 07

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We provide information about events you would like to contribute. Our website is reliable, you can easily join any event and we also provide the sources so that you get more detail in all events. Plus, if you like to volunteer in any event, be sure to click the button below.