Have a pleasant music making.

Feel free to play the instrument and wake it to the score. With this application, you can do it anytime, anywhere.


Rhythm Action Game-like System

Like a rhythm game, according to accompaniment, just by tapping the screen with good timing, In real time, you can easily create a melody.

Melody to Sketch

The created melody can not only be made to the score, MIDI (Multiplatform playable format). You can also write out.

You can create music sketch easily, try playing with instruments, edit with DAW such as GarageBand and share images with band fellows.
It can be used for various purposes.

Various Accompaniment


Create a rough sketch using familiar accompaniment that you have heard it somewhere.

Let's grasp the feeling here first.


Create a rough sketch using the accompaniment you made.

If you get used to it, here.

Such as ChordBot and ChordExtractor
When combined with chord progression creation tool,
You can make your favorite accompaniment more easily.

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