Loosen the muscles in the hands.


I`ll loosen and lighter your shoulders muscles only by shaking hands.

MY:First,move your shoulders,please.
Which shoulder do you feel stiff?

MAN:I feel this right shoulder stiffer.

MY:Please rememfer that condition.

MY:Will you please turn your arm?

Don`t forget this condition,too.

MY:Then,I`ll try to loosen your muscles only by shaking hands.







Turn your shoulders.

MY:It seems ofvious that your right elbow is turning more widely (than the first time when you tried).

MAN:Oh,I can! I can raise my arm smoothly.

MY:Please turn around again.

It`s rotating more widely and smoothly.

MY:Now,I would like to pound lightly on your shoulders.

MY:Don`t you feel stiff ?

MY:Let`s shake hands , once more.

MY:If you turn again , you`ll feel relieved.

MY:Next , I`ll massage your shoulders.

MY:It has become hard to raise my arm.

MAN:It has become hard to raise my arm.

MY:Then , shaking hands !

MAN:Oh , I can do easily .

MY:Try in such a way , you`ll feel relieved simply.



Takahiro Shimoda

Sage Lymph Care Method instructor

Department held mainly, Kumamoto, Yatsushiro City, Amakusa city, Amakusa city, hitoyoshi city Kumamoto Prefecture.It is a course held in Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Kagoshima and students, more than 500 people attended, during the course everytime at my shoulders arelighter, and lifted up, or face and born smile lots of surprises and fun atmosphere.