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Graystone Farm

Our Concept: Triple Supports for Life

Essential for Life
For basic health and function
Life Enhancement
Increase your performance and well-being
More Flavor for Life
Add joy and spice to your life
More Flavor for Life
Add joy and spice to your life


Heal your muscles and relax your body after a day of hard work / exercise.

CBD Protein

Supplement your body and mind. Perfect after a hard workout.

Esthetic Oil

CBD for relaxation. Cananga odorata for stimulation. Together, a perfect night for romance.
Special Container

Not only great for preserving your CBD’s quality, this pendant is a stylish accessory.
Crystal Candy

Quick and handy candy. Toss one in your mouth for CBD on the go.

Broad Spectrum Wax
The most effective way to experience CBD. Become more relaxed, creative, satisfied.
Broad Spectrum Wax
The most effective way to experience CBD. Become more relaxed, creative, satisfied.

Quality Assurance

Graystone Farm values safety, effectiveness and sustainability. We do our best to responsibly source quality ingredients that are OMRI-approved, cruelty-free and USA made. If it is grown on our farm, then it is organic, hand-crafted and locally sustainable. We wouldn't sell anything we wouldn't use ourselves or give to our family.
For ingredients that require a laboratory or industrial manufacturing, we partner with a 70,000 square foot facility in Oregon. They have 20+ years of wholesale manufacturing, formulating and blending many health-oriented skin and hair products for numerous high-end labels. Besides clean, state-of-the-art facilities, they use some of the cleanest and best water in the world.
Our CBD isolates and oils are purely hemp stalk-derived (as per Japanese law) and is locally-sourced in Colorado from the largest producer in the USA. Potency and purity is tested by a third-party laboratory, ensuring there is 0% THC, no heavy metals or contaminants, according to Japanese import requirements. Laboratory Certificates Of Analysis are available for every CBD batch.
Once our products have made it to Tokyo and passed import inspection, our partners at CBD Subarashii perform an additional inspection. They have a chemist available to verify the quality before it's shipped out to you. If there is additional concern, every product has a material safety data sheet that can be made available to you, our valued customer.


The Gray family has a long history with plants. When they were kids, brothers Joshua and Cameron worked with their father landscaping and their grandfather gardening in sunny San Diego.
Cameron started his own California-legal medical-cannabis cultivation and delivery service "High Tide Deliveries" in 2007. High Tide Deliveries helped people deal with everything from cancers and AIDS palliative care, traumatic brain injuries, back pain and insomnia.
Working as an artist and construction contractor, Joshua broke his leg and fell into a deep depression. His brother re-introduced him to the family business and the cannabis plant, and Joshua found healing through the work. In 2014 they expanded their operations to a few acres of land that included cannabis, a garden vegetables, an herb garden and an orchard of fruit trees.
California cannabis law changed in 2018 and legal medical collectives that had been legal were banned by conservative local towns. High Tide Deliveries was forced to dissolve and Graystone Farms took shape. Graystone, named after the large gray boulders found in the local mountains, and also a wordplay on the Gray family's reputation as cannabis aficionados, aka "stoners," shifted its focus to legal CBD-based plant medicine and health products. Joshua Gray, who got a degree in East Asian Studies and spent a year teaching English in Japan, thought his friends overseas should be able to access the products that helped him recover from his physical and mental traumas.
Under the current legal parameters, the closest to whole cannabis medicine the Japanese people can experience is CBD refined from the stalks of the plant. To offer these products, in 2021 Graystone Farms partnered with Folium, the largest hemp stalk grower and processor in North America.

About us

Company Name Graystone Farm Inc.
Funded in 2007
Capital 50,000 USD
Director Joshua Gray
所在地 1718 Lake Drive, Cardiff CA 92007
Capital 50,000 USD

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