“The Tale of Genji” 
Recitation and lecture by SHIDU

The story of Hikaru

From 10:00 on April 30, 2021 (Friday)
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From 10:00 on April 30, 2021 (Friday)

What is SHIDU’s Genji Salon

Do you know “The Tale of Genji''? This story is one of the  oldest  novels in the world written by Murasaki-Shikibu in 1008,in 54 volumes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this exceptional story is a literary treasure . However, it is not easy to understand because each sentence is very long, and hard for modern readers to understand.

 It is for this reason that  Shidu wanted to tell people this great story in a way that was easy to understand. She shows us the appeal of “The Tale of Genji” with her beautiful handmade Heian-costumes and humorous commentary.

 So far she has given hundreds of lectures called “SHIDU's Genji Salon(しづの源氏語り)” not only at schools, but also at libraries, churches, nursing homes and public halls throughout Japan. A few years ago the lectures were held at an elementary school and a university in Sydney, Australia. The total number of people who have seen it  is more than 5000 from children to adults.. There are more than 100 programs, and she  explains not only each chapter, but also the points of view of parent-child relationships, romantic love, from a variety of perspectives.

Who is SHIDU?

Shidu Tomoie majored in Japanese literature, including  “Tales of Genji '' at Tokyo Woman’s Christian University.   She has been  teaching Japanese literature at Tokyo Eiwa Junior and Senior High School and Tokyo Woman’s Christian University since 1977.  She also  works as a Study Consultant of Japanese Expression at Toyo Eiwa Woman’s University. In addition, she gives  lectures on , “Fun Reading of The Tales of Genji ,” 3 times a month.

Other Notable Works

“From Mother to Daughter, and granddaughter” AERA, June 29, 2011

Radio/ You Tube; “しづの源氏語り”  Is. Field radio


2002    Shidu tried to teach “The Tale of Genji” as a play in her class. It was too hard for high school students to understand the story and most of them gave up studying it. Then she made a script and played one of the Genji stories with students. However,  the play was a huge success and  became a regular event of the classics class.    

2008   During the1000th anniversary of birth of “The Tale of Genji”. Shidu, for the first time, wore “Uchiki”,a kind of kimono. After the ceremony her students convinced her to spread the word to more people not only classes but also public speaking.

2010   The web radio program invited Shidu to be a guest. She impulsively told her dream that she would plan an event about Genji with Heian-costume someday. This triggered her first event (the  predecessor of “SHIDU’s salon”)

2011   It became a regular event as “SHIDU’s salon”. 


    She continues to give lectures until now in hopes that more people will learn about “The Tale of Genji”.


“My Tale of Genji”

 Have you ever learned something from history? No matter how many years pass by since thousands of years before we are always asking ourselves, “What are we living for?”,”What is a family?”,  “What is love?”. 

This is a chance to dive into the world of Genji with me and think about these questions together with this. Various lovely Characters and I dressed with Heian-Costume welcome you! 

The lecture is easy to understand for beginners as well. I will read the story with pictures. 

Don’t hesitate! I am looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you,


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