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「さっぽろアートライブ」 Keep Jazz Alive コンサート
"世界へ届けRyo's SLOWBOAT Now!"出演者プロフィール

 粟谷紘子 札幌市出身。幼少の頃よりピアノに親しむ。 大学時代にジャズの魅力に惹かれ、ジャズピアノを学びはじめる。 現在は看護師として働く傍ら、札幌市内や近郊のライブハウス、カフェ、病院、クリニック等で演奏活動を行う。"Hiroko Awaya is a jazz pianist born in Sapporo. From her early years, she became acquainted with piano. Hiroko got into jazz when she was a university student, and started learning jazz piano. Currently she works as a nurse, also passionately performing in many different places such as in jazz bars and live music clubs, hospitals, cafes, and so on."

 伊藤宏樹 1979.5.10、札幌市出身。 12歳から館山健二に師事。1998年、New York Drummers Collectiveに入学。Ian Froman、Kim Plainfieldなどに師事。2000年上京。2002年、西尾健一(tp)Groupに抜擢され、1stアルバムに参加、全国ツアーを行う。2005年、ジャズ界の巨匠 鈴木勲(b)OMASOUNDに参加。同年、奥村和彦(pf)トリオ、安東昇(b)とともに"FIRE LAND"をリリース。現在も年に2回ツアーを開催中。2009年 、三上クニ(pf)のジャパンツアーに参加。2010年から活動拠点を地元札幌に移す。福居良(pf)、山田敏昭(pf)トリオなど、数多くのミュージシャンと共演。実家は元老舗寿司屋。"Hiroki Ito was born on May 5, 1979, in Sapporo, Japan. Since he was 12 years old, he has been studying under a drummer Kenji Tateyama. In 1998, Hiroki entered New York Drummers Collective, and learned from Ian Forman, and Kim Plainfield. In 2000, he moved to Tokyo, and in 2002, Hiroki was invited by a trumpeter Kenichi Nishio to perform his first album, also became a member of its national music tour. In 2005, he joined OMASOUND with Isao Suzuki, the master of the jazz music world. In the same year, he released an album called “FIRE LAND” with Kazuhiko Okumura (pf), and Noboru Ando (b). Currently he holds a music tour with them twice a year. In 2009, Hiroki joined Japan touring with Kuni Mikami (pf). Since 2010, he is based in Sapporo and working with many great musicians, such as Ryo Fukui (pf), Toshiaki Yamada (pf).His parents’ home was used to be a long established shushi restaurant." 

 伊藤未央  室蘭市出身。2013年サッポロシティジャズパークジャズライブコンテストに村川佳宏Quartettとして出演し優勝。翌年同バンドにて、カナダトロントジャズフェスティバルへ出演。ジャズを中心に演奏活動を行う中、ラテンバンドや、 2018年よりコントラバス基礎・クラシック全般を元札幌交響楽団首席奏者、藤澤光雄氏に師事しクラシックやオーケストラを学ぶ。 国内のみならず、海外ミュージシャンとの共演機会にも恵まれ、様々な演奏経験にて音楽観を高めている。"Mio Ito is a jazz bassist from Muroran City. In 2013, she performed at Park Jazz Live by Sapporo City Jazz with Yoshihiro Murakawa-Quartett and won the contest. The next year, she appeared on Toronto Jazz Festival in Canada with the same band. Mainly Mio performed jazz music, she also joined Latin band. Since 2018, she studied the foundation of contrabass and classic music under Mitsuo Fujisawa who was the head musician in Sapporo Symphony Orchestra. Not only in Japan, but Mio has many opportunities to perform with artist from all over the world. The experiences enhance her original views of the music."

 宇野修 札幌市出身。幼少より兄の影響でドラムを始める。 舘山健二氏に師事しジャズ、ラテン等のドラムを学ぶ。2005年 Los Angels Music Academyでラルフハンフリー、ジョーポーカロ、シャーマンファーガソンらに師事しジャズを学ぶ。帰国後は札幌市内外のライブハウスなどで精力的に活動中。道外ミュージシャンとの共演も多い。2011年より北海道を代表するジャズピアニスト福居良のトリオに参加。"Osamu Uno was born in Sapporo, Hokkaido. From his childhood, he started playing drums under the influence of his brother. Later on, he learned jazz, Latin, and different types of drums under Mr. Kenji Tateyama. In 2005, he enrolled Los Angeles Music Academy and learned from Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro, and Sherman Ferguson. After coming back to Japan, Osamu passionately keep performing at jazz bars and live music clubs, having many jam sessions with musicians from all over the country. Since 2011, he has been a member of Ryo Fukui’s jazz trio, one of the greatest jazz pianists in Hokkaido."

 奥野義典 1962年2月11日、小樽市に生まれる。小樽在住。
弘前大学JAZZ研究会にてSAXを手にし音楽活動を始め、その後上京。松風鉱一氏に師事。 97年日本最大級のジャズイベント“横浜ジャズプロムナード”に初出演後、脱サラ、プロ転向。 トップミュージシャンとの共演を重ねる。道内のジャズフェスティバルにも多数参加し、「北海道に奥野あり」の実力を見せつけた。ときに豪快にブロウし、ときに繊細に歌う演奏スタイルは自由奔放そのもの。ジャズ・インプロヴィゼイションの神髄を堪能させてくれる。2013年2月、渡辺貞夫氏を音楽監督に招き、立ち上げられたBIGBAND「Sapporo Jazz Ambitious」では1stアルトを担当。2015年以降、デイビット・マシューズ氏を音楽監督に招き入れた新生「sapporo jazz ambitious sⅢ」にも引き続き参加。 これまでに3枚のリーダーアルバムを発表。アルトサックスをメインにソプラノ、テナーサックス、フルートと吹き分けるマルチリード奏者でもあり、北海道にあってトップレベルの演奏活動を続ける希有で貴重なアーティストである。"Saxophonist Yoshinori Okuno was born in Otaru City, in Feb 11, 1962. The first time he encountered saxophone was when he was in Jazz Study Group in Hirosaki University (Hirosaki University Jazz Society). Yoshinori studied under Koichi Matsukaze after he moved to Tokyo. In 1997, he performed at one of the biggest jazz events in Japan, “Yokohama Jazz Promenade” for the first time, then he decided to quit his previous job and turned pro saxophonist. Since then he has been performing with top artists across Japan.Yoshinori joined many other jazz festivals in Hokkaido, and left a big impression on audiences. The style he performs can be expressed just “free”, both powerful and delicate together, which is the most important things for jazz improvisation. He was the 1st alto saxophone player at BIGBAND “Sapporo Jazz Ambitious”, music directed by Sadao Watanabe. Since 2015, jazz pianist David Matthews became a new music director of Sapporo Jazz Ambitious Ⅲ, Yoshinori continuously performed at the event. He has released 3 leader albums.He plays not only an alto saxophone, but also soprano and tenor saxophone, and flute. Not only in Hokkaido, but Yoshinori is known as one of the top musicians in Japan."

 鹿川暁弓 幼少よりクラシックピアノを学ぶ ジャズを勉強し2015年よりSlow Boatにて演奏活動を始める 現在はジャズの分野でピアノトリオやカルテット、ソロの演奏等、精力的に活動している。"Kagawa Ayumi began playing classical piano from her childhood. She has been studying jazz, and started performing at SLOWBOAT since 2015. Ayumi passionately perform in a jazz trio, quartet, also solo at the present time."

 北垣響 ジャズベーシスト。京都出身札幌在住。 大学入学と共にコントラバスに出会い、 在学中よりさまざまなプレイヤーと競演、研鑽を重ね、2006 年よりプロとして活動し始める。 現在、様々なバンドのベーシストとして、道内外のライブ、ツアー、フェスティバル、レコーディング等で活動中。国外のプレイヤーとの共演も多い。深く、それでいて芯の通ったバンドを包み込む情感溢れる音を志しており、そのスタイルには定評がある。"Born in Kyoto, Japan, bassist Kyo Kitagaki began playing jazz double bass after he entered Hokkaido University. He’s been
continuously learning jazz since then and now playing in many occasions such as gigs, tours, festivals, and recordings. His most important attitude toward jazz is “learning the legends and finding new”."

 高橋えつ子 10歳からクラシックピアノ、27歳からジャズピアノを学ぶ。 現在、札幌スローボートの他、市内各所のライブハウス等で、演奏活動を行う。"Pianist Etsuko Takahashi began learning classical piano music at the age of 10, and started playing jazz piano when she was 27. Today, she vigorously performs at SLOWBOAT, and many jazz bars and live music clubs in Sapporo." 

 舘山健二 1964年、釧路市出身。4歳よりオルガンを始め、ビートルズ、ベンチャーズを聴いて11歳からドラムを始める。中、高の吹奏学部でホルンと打楽器を担当。その後、北海学園大学JAZZ研究会 を経て、New York Drummers CollectiveにてMichaelLawren氏、Duduca Da Fonseca氏ほかに師事する。現在、奥野義典バンド、自己のバンドその他で演奏。北海道打楽器協会会員。"Drummer Kenji Tateyama was born in Kushiro in 1964. He started learning organ at the age of 3. Beatles and The Ventures were the bands that he was inspired by, then Kenji began playing drums when he was 11 years old. From junior high and high school, he played horn and percussion in the brass band club. He was in Jazz Study Group when he was a Hokkai-Gakuen University student. After some time, Kenji studied under Michael Lauren and Duduka Da Fonseca at New York Drummers Collective. He performs with Yoshinori Okuno-band, his original band, also together with many great musicians. He is a member of Hokkaido Percussion Association."

 玉川健一郎 「玉ちゃんは出会った時から現在(いま)に至るまでボクの遥か先を行く歌い手だ」-近藤房之助
北海道出身。学生時代、近藤房之助らと出会いブルース、R&Bを歌う。2004年頃から日本を代表するバップピアニスト故・福居良との出会いをきっかけにジャズへ傾倒。 後、福居を通じ、ジャズ・レジェンド、バリー・ハリスに師事。 福居の下で磨かれたジャズスピリット、バリー・ハリスとの出会いから学んだ繊細な歌心を併せ持つと評される。札幌の"jazz live Slow Boat"を拠点に、東京・大阪・名古屋・仙台・福岡など、全国へ活動範囲を広げている。 2018年6月、ファーストCD「ON A SLOWBOAT」を発表。"Kenichiro Tamagawa is described by Fusanosuke Kondo (Blues singer) as follows “From the first time we met, he is still the one I admire as a singer” .He was born in Hokkaido. He met Fusanosuke Kondo at his school days, and started singing blues music and R&B. In 2004, Kenichiro got the chance to meet one of the most famous bebop pianists in Japan, Ryo Fukui (1948-2016), and since then he is more devoted to jazz music. He also studied under the legendary jazz pianist, Barry Harris. Both of fantastic teachers taught him the spirit of jazz which is daring and exquisite at the same time.Kenichiro is based in “jazz live Slow Boat” in Sapporo, has been expanding his music career through Japan, include Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Fukuoka.
On June, 2018, he released his first album “ON A SLOWBOAT” from Slow Boat Label."

 富樫範子 ピアニスト札幌出身。4歳からエレクトーンを始める。 小学生のころより即興演奏や楽曲アレンジに親しむ。小6の時にラジオから流れるバドパウエルとオスカーピーターソンの 演奏に心を奪われる。札幌大谷短期大学 音楽科卒業後、専攻科音楽終了。ヤマハ音楽教室ピアノ・エレクトーン講師、ブライダルオルガニストを経て、 現在スローボート他ライブハウスで演奏活動している。"Pianist Noriko Togashi was born in Sapporo. She started playing electronic organ at the age of 4. Since Noriko was in primary school, she was familiar with arranging songs and improvisation. One day, Bud Powell and Oscar Peterson were on the radio, 12-year-old Noriko had crush on their music. She finished Music Course at Sapporo Otani University Junior College. After teaching piano and electronic organ at Yamaha Music School, being wedding organist, Noriko is actively performing at SLOWBOAT, and many other jazz bars and live musci clubs."

 中島 弘惠 ピアニスト、1986年札幌出身。田中朋子に師事する。2006年よりライブ活動を開始。様々な演奏者とのバンドでの活動やセッションなどを経て、現在は北垣響(b)伊藤宏樹(ds)とのピアノトリオなどを中心に精力的に活動している。色彩豊かなオリジナル曲も多数作曲し定評がある。また、寺田町(vo,g)とのデュオ、タンゴバンド”EL PUENTE”でのミロンガでの演奏、完全即興でのライブなど、演奏活動は多岐に渡る。2009年Sapporo City Jazzによるコンピレーションアルバム"DRIVING JAZZ HOKKAIDO~first impression"にソロで参加。翌年2010年の"DRIVING JAZZ HOKKAIDO Lake"では奥野義典カルテットで参加。ジャズ批評2016年11月号/194号「北都市の猫たち The CATS in North City」(執筆・札幌くう店主 山本弘市)に掲載される。2018年8月には”T.K.O.”(立花泰彦(b)小山彰太(ds)奥野義典(sax))にゲストで全曲参加したアルバム"猫の散歩 Live at 蓬莱音楽館"がリリースされる。"Pianist Hiroe Nakajima was born in 1986, in Sapporo. Studied under Tomoko Tanaka. Hiroe started performing at jazz bars and live music clubs from 2006. Since then, she has been playing in bands and gigs with many great musicians. Now Hiroe mainly works with Kyo Kitagaki (b), and Hiroki Ito (ds) in a piano trio, besides many other performances. Also, her original songs are well known by its colorfulness.
Hiroe’s music career includes many different things such as performing in a duo with Machi Terada (vo, g), playing milonga with tango band called “EL PUENTE”, and performing completely without preparation. In 2009, she was a member of a compilation album “DRIVING JAZZ HOKKAIDO 〜first impression” by Sapporo City Jazz as a solo pianist. The next year’s album “DRIVING JAZZ HOKKAIDO Lake”, Hiroe joined Yoshinori Okuno’s quartet. She was featured in the article “The CATS in North City” (written by Hiroshi Yamamoto, the master of live studio “Sapporo Coo”) in a magazine “Jazz Critique Magazine”. In August 2018, Hiroe collaborated with Hokkaido-based jazz trio T.K.O. (Yasuhiko Tachibana, Shota Koyama, and Yoshinori Okuno), and released the album “Neko no sampo Live at Horai Ongakukan”."

 南山雅樹 札幌出身。4歳からピアノを始め、ジャズは独学。札幌市内のライヴ・スポットて活動し、2008年、サックス奏者峰厚介の日本ツアーに参加。2009年にCD「Driving Jazz Hokkaido」に1曲提供。2017年に渡欧、ストックホルム・ジャス・フェスティバルに参加。教育の分野でも、北翔大学、札幌大学大学院で即興演奏、音楽理論の講座を担当するなど、コアな音楽ファンの育成に努めている。"Masaki Minamiyama was born in Sapporo. He started playing piano by the age of 4, and practicing jazz piano on his own.
While he was continuing his music career at live music clubs in Sapporo, he became the member of the saxophonist, Kosuke Mine’s Japan tour in 2008. In 2009, he wrote a song for the project “Driving Jazz Hokkaido”. In 2017, he flew to Europe to join “Stockholm Jazz Festival”. In the field of education, Masaki teaches improvisation and the theory of music in Hokusyo University, and The Graduate School Of Sapporo University. Focusing on raising music fans."

 山下ヤスシ Pianist/Keyboardist 小樽商科大学ジャズ研究会在籍中、大学を休学して上京。ジャズピアニストの寺下誠氏から音楽の基礎を学ぶ。大学卒業後はプロのピアニストとして活動する機会に恵まれ、ジャンルを問わず様々なミュージシャンと共演。現在、道内のライブハウスや各種イベントでの演奏、又、譜面作成や作曲・アレンジ等の音楽製作に関わる活動を幅広く行っている。滝川市在住。"Pianist/Keyboardist Yasushi Yamashita. While he was the member of Jazz Study Group (Otaru University of Commerce Jazz Workshop), he took a leave and went Tokyo to learn the foundation of jazz piano from jazz pianist, Makoto Yamashita.
After graduation from the university, he has been playing various of music genre with numbers of musicians. Today, he performs jazz bars, live music clubs, and events. Also he is active in making music, such as composing, arrangement. "

 山田敏昭 1958年、室蘭市に生まれる。18歳から札幌でプロとして演奏活動を始める。活動は幅広く、ジャズクラブ・ライヴハウス・ジャズ祭・ヴォーカリストの伴奏など。その実力は定評が高く、多くのミュージシャンに信頼されている。 また、国内外のアーティストとの共演ライヴも多数行っている。07年、自己のオリジナル曲『Romping Girl』をリリース。ジャズ月刊誌「SWING JOUNAL」にて新譜紹介される。 17年、Slow Boat Labelから「Now The Time」をリリース。現在は、札幌を拠点に自己のトリオでライヴハウスに出演する傍ら、サックス・トランペット・ギターとのセッションなど精力的に活躍している。"Jazz pianist Toshiaki Yamada was born in Muroran City in 1958. Toshiaki started his music career as a professional pianist at the age of 18, in Sapporo. His work includes playing in jazz clubs, live musci clubs, accompaniment and so on. Toshiaki enjoys an established reputation from other musicians for his performance as a pianist. He also does joint live performances with artists from all over the world. In 2007, his 1st CD “Romping Girl” (included his original song Romping Girl) was released, and the CD was introduced in monthly jazz magazine “SWING JOURNAL”. In 2017, he released 2nd CD "Now The Time" from "SLOWBOAT" LABEL. Currently, Toshiaki is based in Sapporo and performing his own jazz trio, also having gigs with saxophones, trumpets, and guitars."