Place:Tenjin Sky Terrace  
Date: Thursday, 3 Oct - Tuesday, 22 Oct

Hot Topic on TV!
Festival of "Super" good taste

The Garlic Festival has been coming up a lot in Live TV shows, newspapers and news. Furthermore, It is highly regarded by actual visitors. For example, 97 percent of them said "Garlic foods was so good", 92 percent of them thought "I wanna come here again."
We are so happy♪

Don't worry about the smell!
Free Breath Care and Heparize!

Order tickets and get Breath Care(KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.) and Heparize(Zeria Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.) for free!
Help prevent the next days garlic breath with nutrients for tomorrow.

Garlic Festival that welcomed more than 30,000 people in Japan!

①This is the largest garlic festival in Japan and value garlics that are made in Japan!

②This year will be served garlics made in Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Miyazaki prefecture!

③20 original meals in total available only at this festival.

④Popular Japanese draft beer "Sapporo Black Label" will be served as well!

⑤Many types of alcohol drinks, such as highball, lemon sour and foam wine will be available with delicious garlic chips!

⑥Get ready for a BIG surprise! New menu and games using garlics will be announced later on.


All for 500 yen!!
You can enjoy all 20 kinds of garlic foods from all over the world!

♦Japanese garlic is worth more 10 times as much as Chainese garlic. Also it's organic and reliable quality!!

♦we have various special menues, the festival's speciality is "Fried whole garlic" and "Garlic toast", "Garlic chicken" is the most popular, "Garlic fried potatoes" is revived this year.

New menu in 2019

Clam chowder

Very rich and creamy sauce 

Garlic bread on the side 

Extra garlic

A whole clove of garlic is chopped and fried

For those of you wanting to add more garlic, but be aware of its strong taste and smell...

Garlic Miso Gyoza 

Our miso paste and garlic make gyoza more flavourful.

Enjoy it with a glass of beer.

Cheese risotto

Long-awaited rice dish

You're gonna be amazed by great combination of Rich cheese and garlic.
Please enjoy with red wine.

Beer&Highball with garlic chips

We focus on garlic on drink in this year!
You can enjoy drinking Sapporo black beer, Lemon sour cocktail which is hot now, and standard beer, highball!
Besides, you can drink beer with garlic chip as you like!

Super popular! Extra rare!

Belgian chocolate ice cream with garlic

We can supply cups in on easy-to-eat size.
But don't worry! You still get the same amount of ice cream.

Mango ice cream with garlic

we created a new flavor, thanks to popular demand.
Try a delicious mango flavor for dessert.

Wine and colourful wine poured to the last minute glass!

There are five different colour of sparkling wine and other drinks with lesser alcohol.
For those of you who would like wine to drink some wine, the price starts at 2,500 yen. On weekdays there is a discount of 1,000 yen!

Candle-night event is now underway every night. Even when it rains!

We hold candle-night event every night on Tenjin Daimaru rooftop with a nice view.
There are also special seats for couples!!
This place is directly connected to the station and is easily accessible. It's okay if it rains. There are over 100 indoor seats covered by the ceiling.

Let's check out the garlic festival on Instagram!

Payment options

・Credit cards


<About tickets>
It's okay to have unused tickets!
If you have tickets left, you can get 2 bulbs of garlic per ticket. 

As a general rule, we ask our customer to buy one ticket, which is a set of six tickets of 550 yen tickets.
(Ex:Five people →five tickets)

<About refund>
◆We will not be able to refund for the tickets for any reason.

<About the event>
◆We do not provide any alcohol to minors. In case you look young, we will ask you for your ID.
◆Be careful of over eating
 Garlic is spicy. Please be careful not to eat it too much.Please eat at your own risk after consulting your physical   condition, especially pregnant women and children!
 *You may feel sick.

Event outline

Date and time

Thursday 3 Oct-Tuesday 22 Oct.
Weekend and holiday 12:00~22:00


Tenjin Sky Terrace(Roof top terrace of Nishinihon shinbun kaikan)
※Nishinihon shinbun kaikan is a building connected to Tenjin Daimaru.

Accsess >>


About 3 minutes on foot from Fukuoka (Tenjin) station
(Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta line)

About 1 minute on foot from Tenjin station East 3B exit
(Fukuoka City subway)

Entrance fee ¥3300(Tax inculded)
*1 ticket = 6 tickets of 550 yen food and drink
Organizer Susumu Corporation
Outgrow Japan Corporation
Contact details Outgrow Japan Corporation
TEL    :050-3479-6690(Reservation number)
Reception time :Tuesday- Sunday 3:00pm-10:00pm

About 3 minutes on foot from Fukuoka (Tenjin) station
(Nishitetsu Tenjin-Omuta line)

About 1 minute on foot from Tenjin station East 3B exit
(Fukuoka City subway)



Where can I get the tickets?
Please come up to the place(rooftop) and pay money at the reception. 
What can I do with the unused tickets?
You can get two bulbs of garlics per ticket.Come to the reception desk when you leave.
Do you have additional tickets?
Additional tickets are for sale at event site. It costs 1,100 yen(550 yen  including tax × 2 tickets).
Is there a time limit?
No, there isn't. 
Do I have to pay also for children?
Children under 18 can enter for free. 
I am underage. Can I get in?
Any customer can enter but we don't sell any alcohol drinks.
Do you have non-alcohol beverage?
Yes, we do. We have coffee, tea and juice.
Where can I get the tickets?
Please come up to the place(rooftop) and pay money at the reception. 

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