Japanese Learner's Cafe(Online Japanese learner club)

Every Saurday【Start time】18:00 〜19:00(Japan time)
Every Sunday【Start time】10:00 〜11:00(Japan time)
※Entry fee:Free(First time)
                  :USD5$(After the second time)
※The start time may change depending on the day.
Do it with zoom.

Do you have this problem

  • I don't know whether my way of learning Japanese is right
  • No opportunity to speak Japanese
  • I can read and write Japanese but I can't speak it
  • I can't connect with Japanese people and Japanese learner
  • Give up for a something without using Japanese
  • Give up for a something without using Japanese

We will solve this problem

This online Japanese salon is very enjoyable contens from beginer to advance throw using casual coversation.
If you are beginer at Japanese or first time participation,you can feel free to join our club.

This is the target!

  • Who want to study Japanese from now on.
  • Who want to come true by using Japanese
  • Who want to have continuous habit
  • Who have no opportunity to speak Japanese
  • Who want to make friends of Japanese learners

  • Who have no opportunity to speak Japanese

About Japanese Learner Cafe

This is an online salon which is suitable for Japanese learner.

We hold it as a place for learning Japanese and making communication in group and time for spending time at a cafe. I would like you to have the opportunity to practice what you usually study in conversation and to motivate each other with colleagues who study Japanese.
Also, we can share the study methods and other information by utilizing an apprication, and we also achieve each individual goals set by step by step. 

Why did we decide to start this online salon?

To expand your life with Japanese

It is a big fundamental idea in running this salon.

The number of choices you can make in your life depends on whether you can use Japanese or not.For example, if you give up to travel to Japan  because of language level problem, or if you try to improve your expertise and the language becomes a barrier, you can only act with more limited options.

Of course, it doesn't mean that anything can improve your life if you can speak Japanese. On the other hand, some people may think that they are not suitable for themselves because they come into contact with people and cultures overseas.

However, there is no doubt that it is one of the tools that can definitely enhance the fulfillment of your life whether it fits or not.

We opened this salon with the hope that more people will be able to share such ideas.


Ice break
Each person will introduce themselves briefly.
Group talk
We will have a group discussion about the decided theme. We are planning different themes every time.
Free talk
Participants can talk freely without limiting the theme. The facilitator will also participate in support, so you can participate with confidence.
Mini studying
Every time We learn new things about Japanese grammar and words.
Free talk
Participants can talk freely without limiting the theme. The facilitator will also participate in support, so you can participate with confidence.

Payment method

We use Paypal as our payment service.
It is an online payment service that makes it easy to pay and receive with your credit card or bank account.
We will inform you of payment later for those who applied.


The only way to equip the four skills of learning Japanse, which are said to be the four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, in a balanced manner is to "make learning a habit".

It sounds trivial at first glance, but have you ever worn something in your life to the unconscious level? Japanse is a completely different language from another language, so it takes a lot of time to be able to use it naturally in large and small areas.

In particular, it is extremely difficult to acquire the basic skills of speaking,and the majority of people give up before a major change in the growth curve.

In order to break through such a situation, we opened a salon with the desire to build a foundation for study methods and goal achievement habits so that even beginners can gradually learn Japanese.
Please feel free to join us.

If you would like to participate, please click the application button.