E-Ma sound means Evolutional cyMatics sound.
This E-Ma sound therapy was born in Japan. 
What is evolutional cymatics?

E-Ma sound therapy is the combined application of audible sound,
colors and rotation of light and water that is used for the purpose of healing and gently restoring balance to the body’s physical, mental and energetic systems.

Are you living with true sound?

ご神木 富士浅間神社

The sound of your heart and body
Tune correctly,
You can get your original sound

Authorized E-Ma Sound Practitioner

Become your own conductor

There is a lot of sound around us.
And in response to those sounds, we are alive.

There are also many sounds in the body.
Voice, breathing, heartbeat, blood flow, intestinal peristalsis ...
You can't hear them.
However if you take an electroencephalogram,

an electrocardiogram or a CT imaging,
you can see the sound as a number or wave called frequency.

It is said that there are about 60 trillion cells in the body.
If we think of our body as an orchestra,
each of these cells is a musical instrument.
And the instrument must be tuned to the correct sound.

So who is the conductor of this orchestra?

Your heart is the conductor of the orchestra.
There is also a sound in the heart.
Tune your heart to the correct sound.
Then you will be the conductor yourself.
It plays a wonderful tone as a magnificent orchestra.

That wonderful tone is yourself,
It means living with true sound.

Tuning of heart and body sound

Tuning of the sound of heart and body? 
In the first place, what is the sound of heart and body? 

It is natural that such a question arises.
It's a story of inaudible sounds.
Let's talk first about the effects of the sounds you hear.

When you step into nature such as mountains,
sea, forests and rivers,
do you feel relaxed both physically and mentally?
Listening to the chirping of birds and the sound of the wind in the woods,just looking at the sea and listening to the sound of the waves,those heals you.
I think most people have that kind of experience.

Of course, thanks to the natural scenery,
the sounds of nature, such as the barking of birds, the rubbing of trees and the sound of waves,
It calms our minds.
Natural sounds such as the sound of waves are contains ultrasound taht inaudible to the human ear.
This is called "1/f fluctuation"

When our brain senses this,our brain will be in an alpha wave state.
The effect is that we can relax.
All natural sounds seem to be constant and in fact there are unpredictable and irregular fluctuations.

"1/f fluctuation" is a state in which regular and irregular things are in harmony.
There are many healing sounds that utilize these characteristics of natural sounds.
You can listen to them on many CDs,YouTube, etc.

E-Ma sound therapy is not just a healing therapy like this.
It is based on the physics principle of cymatics.
It is a tuning adjustment that works more directly on heart and body through sound.

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Recommend it in such cases!!

  • "I'm not confident in myself"
    "I don't feel like it"
    "I have a lot of worries and I feel depressed every day."
    "I want to live on my own axis without hesitation in the direction of my life."
    "I want to know my original ability and make use of it."
    "I'm trying to attract and spiritually,but the result is not as expected. "
  • "I want to live young no matter how old I am"
    "I want to balance my heart and body"
    "I want to get rid of stress and boost my body's immunity."
    "I have some kind of chronic illness or disorder"
  • "I want to live young no matter how old I am"
    "I want to balance my heart and body"
    "I want to get rid of stress and boost my body's immunity."
    "I have some kind of chronic illness or disorder"


E-Ma sound Trial program

Description of E-Ma Sound
Chakras diagnosis and experience of E-Ma Sound

When you look at the pictures and images of the chakras,
they are the center of your body, right?
But most people's chakras are off to the left and right.
Some people are jumping out of their body.
With the diagnosis of your chakra condition.
Please feel the E-Ma sound with your body.

Trial fee:RM180
Time required:30~45min

E-Ma sound Bio-Tuning

七色の光 虹 太陽
Description of E-Ma Sound
Chakra diagnosis and tuning
Energy tuning
Stress diagnosis and tuning

While listening to the current state of mind and body.
Select and combine sounds to create the best sound for you.

Tune the chakras to the center of the body.
Tune the flow of energy correctly.
Past to present trauma and stress remain in your memory as cloud.
Remove those cloud from your memory and clean it.
Taking the clouds will allow to shine the bright light on you.

We will give you water with the sound transferred from the treatment.

Treatment fee:RM380
Time required:90~120min

What is E-Ma sound?

E-Ma sound is based on a physics theory such as cymatics, resonance and life field.
E-Ma sound means Evolutional cyMatics sound.
This E-Ma sound therapy was born in Japan.

Cymatics is "visualization of the natural vibration and sound of an object using a medium such as sand or water.Or research on that phenomenon. "
It is a clarified principle by Dr. Hans Jenny (1904-1972)(Swiss doctor and physicist)

In his experiment, a metal plate was attached to an exciter with a wide frequency range.
When sand, dust, or liquid is sprinkled on it, a geometric figure peculiar to the given excitation frequency is formed.
It was that.

The fact that sound creates shapes and patterns was found in England in 1680, long before Dr. Jenny.
By the natural philosopher Robert Hooke, when the glass plate is vibrated by its vibration mode
It has been discovered that the nodes form a distinctive pattern.
He created a pattern by flipping the edge of a glass plate covered with flour with a bow.
It is known that Galileo Galilei was also conducting a similar experiment

After that, German musician and physicist Ernst Chladni wrote "Discovery of the theory of sound" in 1787.
Was published, and it was shown that the vibration of sound creates the shape and pattern peculiar to the vibration.
The shape obtained by sprinkling fine sand on a flat plate and rubbing its edges vertically with a violin bow is
Even today, it is still called the "Chladni figures".

Dr. Hans Jenny's Cymatics Experiment

Sony CM vedeo using cymatics

Dr. Peter Guy Manners and Cymatics Therapy

Dr. Peter Guy Manners graduated from Oxford University(England),
Sorbonne University(France) and Heidelberg University(Germany).
He is a genius with a degree in osteopathy and electromagnetic medicine n England and Germany.

Dr. Manners stimulated on Dr. Jenny's Cymatics Theory.
He thought there musut be each organ of the human body has its own unique sound.
And he thought it should be applicable to medical treatment. 
He started his research with the cooperation of Dr. Jenny.

Dr. Manners devoted himself to half a century of Cymatics research.
As a result, he found that each tissue of a healthy living body has five specific frequencies.
And they emits a combined "composite harmony sound".

These sounds (frequencies) discovered by Dr. Manners are called a cymatics sound.
And the treatment method that applied the sound to medical clinical practice is cymatics therapy.

Tuning fork resonance

So how do you apply that sound to medical practice?
It uses the principle of resonance.

If you ring one of the two tuning forks that are separated, resonance will occur in the other.
In other words, for each organ of the body that has an abnormality (disease / defect),

By applying a sound in a normal (healthy) state (composite harmony sound).
It means that it returns to the original normal state by the principle of resonance.

In addition, Dr. Manners is studying not only sound but also the effect of light.
It is also known for the first time in the world to use blue light to treat jaundice in premature infants.

Dr. Manners' "Cymatics Therapy" is recognized by WHO(the United Nations and the World Health Organization) as one of the alternative treatments.

In 1993, he received the ”Dag Hammarskjöld Grand Prize" from the United Nations.
And he was awarded the title of "Sir" by the British royal family for his contribution to humanity.

Life fields

Dr. Manners met Dr. Harold Saxton Barr, Professor of Anatomy at Yale University in the United States in the process of studying cymatics sound.
Dr. Barr investigated the morphology of the electric field surrounding the salamander's body.
We discovered that an electric field had already occurred during the period of unfertilized eggs.
Also, when examining the electric field around the sprout of the plant, the electric field shows the shape of the plant after growth.

In other words, humans, animals, plants, and all shapes are surrounded by electric fields with measurable electrical characteristics.
Dr. Barr named it "Life Fields".
In human terms, a template called a bioenergy field first existed as a blueprint for the body.
The body is created as a visible shape there.

In addition, Russian electrician Kirlian used a high-voltage photograph called Kirlian photography to describe animals and plants.
He have developed a method for examining energy bodies.
A photo of the discharge pattern that occurs around the leaves of a plant called the phantom leaf is the picture shows the whole picture, even though the cut parts of the leaves have been physically destroyed.

Dr. Barr's Life fields and the Phantom Reef photographed by Kirlian are evidence that bioenergy exists as a blueprint or template that stores information.

In other words, Dr. Manners' cymatics therapy is not just an organ, organ normalization.
It is the tuning and adjustment of energy based on the theory that "The human body has a blueprint or template called a bioenergy field first, and then the visible body is made".

Dr. Manners and Dr. Matsushita

Dr. Manners opened Brett Foton Hall Clinic where medical treatment and education.
It was a UN accredited educational institution for Cymatics Therapy

People with various diseases from injuries such as bone fractures, heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents and Down's syndrome visited his clinic.
He has achieved many achievements that have shown an amazing recovery by Cymatics Therapy.

In 1990, a Japanese visits Dr. Manners.

this is Dr. Yukinori Matsushita who learned Cymatics Therapy directly from Dr. Manners
At that time, Dr. Matsushita studied abroad at Loughborough Institute of Technology in the United Kingdom after graduating from Tokyo Denki University.
After studying cybernetics and ergonomics there, after graduation, he waork at the UK Ministry of Health as a researcher.

In addition, her third daughter was diagnosed with "congenital hip deformity" and received a diagnosis.
The doctor told him that it was impossible to treat, and he wanted to cure it for my beloved daughter.
He was visiting every hospital and medical institution.

He happened to have a connection and visited Dr.Manners.
Dr.Manners said, "you daughter will be completely cured."
He was very surprised at the words "cure".
He was skeptical about Dr. Manners' cymatics therapy.
But there was no other way.
He decided to take it.

He has taken his daughter to Dr. Manners' clinic once a week Since September 1990.
It took about 10 minutes to receive one treatment for about 3 months.
Then, five months later, in January 1991, the cure was confirmed.

Dr. Matsushita was impressed by the result, which seems to be a miracle.
The following month, from February 1991, Dr. Matushita started learning Cymatics Therapy under Dr. Manners.
He was certified as a therapist and opened clinic on London.
He have been treated for more than 40,000 cases.

Evolution from Cymatics to E-Ma Bio-Tuning

Dr.Matsushita returned to Japan in 2002.
He have been doing research and treatments to spread Cymatics Therapy to Japan.
Dr. Manners passed away in 2008.
Dr. Matsushita inherited his will and continued his research on the development of sound sources for cymatics therapy.
And he introduces computer technology to sound source development.
The resulting recreated sound source is a different digital.
It became a sound source and was reborn as a precise and accurate sound.

Dr.Matsushita converted the sound source of the cymatics therapy which was a monaural output at that time to a stereo output.
He had converted to stereo monaural output of one speaker the sound source of cymatics therapyat that time.
He made a number of improvements that resonated deeper with the body.
An epoch-making function called is also added.
Applying "light" and "water" as well as sound to the improvement.

In the days of Dr. Manners without a computer,
the theory was too advanced for the technology to catch up.
Now that the technological base has finally caught up,
realizing the dream Dr. Manners envisioned and beyond.
It has undergone a dramatic evolution.

Dr. Matsushita inherited the will of Dr. Manners during his lifetime.
He has taken Cymatics to a new dimension.
And he called it Evolutional Cymatics "E-Ma"

Latest Cymatics equipment OTOtron

The OTOtron is the latest Cymatic instrument developed in Japan.
The OTOtron delivers precise combinations of frequencies associated with healthy tissue and organ systems.
When applied to the body, these audible sound vibrations help to normalise imbalances and synchronise the cell’s frequency back to its natural state of vibrational resonance.
Evolutional Cymatic therapy supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself.
E-Ma sound trial proguram
E-ma sound Bio-Tuning

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

space HADO
E-Ma sound Bio-Tuning


My name is Koichi Kamikura.
I am working as a practitioner of E-Ma sound therapy
in Japan and Malaysia.

This year is a major turning point on a global scale.
How do you perceive that turning point?
Will you be swallowed by a big wave of anxiety?
Will we move forward with hope for a new future?
I think it's a big turning point when your axis is questioned.

That said, it's quite difficult to keep your own axis.
I myself was the same.
Under such circumstances, I met Dr. Matsushita and E-Ma Sound.

E-Ma sound is based on the physics principle of cymatics.

It works on the organs of the body and the energy body of the heart directly with using sound (frequency)
In a sense, nothing wili changes.

Please experience the wonderful E-Ma sound Bio-Tuning.
We will tune your heart and body to the original sound and support your "real" life.


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J.B age54
K.S age50
K.S age50
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E-Ma Sound Bio-Tuning

Health and Relaxation Through sound
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Can be treated at home
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