2day Workshop for NVC 
Compassionate Communication

SEPTEMBER 14th & 15th (SAT, SUN)
Rare opportunity in SG!! In person Training

Jim and Jori Manske, CNVC certified trainers, married and working closely for over 38 years, share the intentions to cooperate together in the great adventure of life, to openly and honestly share their deepest thoughts and feelings, and to honor and accept each other with ever-increasing ability. These intentions continue to frame not only their relationship with one another, but also all their relationships and work.

Please join Jim and Jori Manske in this workshop for deepening the skills and consciousness of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

  • Deepening relationships based on mutual respect, empathy and honesty
  • Resolving conflicts through connection and dialog
  • Breaking Patterns that get in the way of navigating conflict
  • Connecting with important people in your life compassionately
  • Expressing yourself Honestly and be heard
  • Saying and hearing "NO" more easily
  • Saying and hearing "NO" more easily

These practical, learnable skills support:  

  • transforming blame and criticism into consideration and respect, through connection to the underlying needs that drive behavior
  • discerning what is actually happening right now, distinguishing observation from opinion
  • understanding the positive intention of our emotions:  feelings indicate that something is important right now
  • identifying underlying universally shared values to motivate and support connection
  • informing creative choices that work for all concerned
  • interacting with the dynamics of power in ways that increase cooperation and satisfaction in our relationships

Our Intention

We envision creating a world where everyone wants to belong, one peace at a time; a world where people are contributing to the well-being of each other in mutually satisfying ways.

With the tools and practices of Nonviolent Communication, we integrate presence, empathy and authenticity, connect more fully with ourselves and others, building resources for contributing to life.

This 2day workshop offers tools and practices of Nonviolent Communication to help you more fully integrate compassion and joy into your life and to support a world where everyone has access to resources to meet their needs. 

What participants have said about Jim and Jori's NVC workshops:

"The forgiveness I found for myself has been lasting and helped me to understand how NVC has far reaching effects in my personal life. Words cannot describe how touched I was by the deeply compassionate way Jim and Jori related to the group."
-Caroline Kino-Noji, Los Angeles

"It has been a transformative experience...Thank you for sharing both your expertise and yourselves." 
-Clem Wings, Educator, Albuquerque

"I am changed by this workshop. I have a new way of being, relating, communicating. Thank you."
-Lisa Collins, College Student, New Orleans

"This was the best balance of learning and practice of any of the many workshops I have attended." 
-Participant, Athens, GA 

"Thank you. You have changed my perspective forever." 
-Jason, Inmate, Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center

"I wish we could have had this training 20 years ago! Its the best training I've received in all my years in correctional work."" 
-CO Captain, Bernalillo County Metro Detention Center"

Jim Manske Interview


14 September
Time 10am〜 6pm
Venue TBA
Early bird(2-day package) $780 (till 14 July)
Normal 2-day ticket $880
Normal 2-day ticket $880
15 September
Time 10am〜5pm
Venue TBA
Early Bird(2-day package) $ー
Normal 2-day ticket $ー
Normal 2-day ticket $ー


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