Tokyo, Japan


6 best restaurants recommended by locals

6 Best restaurants
loved by locals

Instead of judging by what seems popular with the crowds, why not listen to the locals’ recommendations?
we picked 6 best restaurants loved by locals with their mouthwatering dishes. 


1. charcoal grill & bar

- perfectly charcoal grilled skewers

Garakutaya provides a bit more "classier" yakitori experience and serves up premium brand grilled chicken. 
The most popular menu item that you sould try is Tsukune(Japanese chicken meatball) serving with raw egg yolk. 


2. Kanibugyo(蟹奉行) 

- All you can eat crab

Kanibuyo is a specialty crab restaurant where you can enjoy savor the delicious flavors of crabs cooked in different ways. All you can eat course is 5,980 yen for an adult. If you add 980 yen, you can also enjoy fresh red crabs sashimi to the course.



3. Miyashita(宮下)

- Enjoy Sukiyaki, stunning night view

Miyashita is quite a luxurious restaurant with unforgettable view of city skyline. The Sukiyaki lunch courses range from 5,000 to 5,980 yen and evening courses range from 5,980 to 9,800 yen. It quite expensive, however you can get great value for your money.



4. Wagamama Shabushabu

- all you can eat shabushabu

You can enjoy all you can eat Shabushabu from 2,500 yen for 120 minutes at Wagamama shabushabu. The staff brings your meat, but you need to go to the buffet counter to get vegetables. They use top quality beef, and vegetables from Japan.



5. Manpuku karubi

- all you can eat Barbeque

Manpuku Karubi provides All you can eat Wagyu(Japanese beef) barbeque at a reasonable price. It is only 2,480 yen for 90 minutes all you can eat course. When you order Barbeque course, can also have other dishes, like soup, rice, and noodles. 


6. Issho (一承)

- Enjoy well-prepared seafood

Issho is a charming seafood place located at the opposite side exit of Ueno park. It is hard to find, but worth visiting. Enjoy well-prepared seafood with Japanese sake at a private room.