Natural Medicine Association Co.,Ltd.
Supplement Manufacturer
株式会社 自然療法協會

We believe in the power of Nature. 
We  are supplement manufacturer in Nakano Tokyo Japan
Based on Traditional Oriental Medicine
Experienced Scientists
and English and Mandarine speaking staffs
with heartworming support for your success in import

Investigating a good partner, we are looking for the Distributors
信頼できるパートナーを探しています 代理店募集

For our mutual success

As seven year experience for oversea market we are waiting for the partners who could work together.

Sample request

You can order sample from here. 
We also develop OEM or Private label services, please do not hesitate to contact us!


10 years since we started the export business

Experienced supplement company is looking for the partner worldwide.

USA, Canada, Norway,Vietnam, Singapore, China and Myanmar, we are expanding the market to oversea.We are having the customer in Malaysia, too. If you are intersted in selling our product or if you are interested in having your own product with private labels or your own formulation, we have experienced in japan for 15 years, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Fine quality of product
with the wisdom of Oriental Medicine 

Fine quality supplements
for oversea market

We as supplement company we have years of experience for export business. After try and error, we are learning a lot from customers and now we can serve you as g good partner to support your supplement business.
Cooperation with GMP factory of supplement, and raw material suppliers in Japan, we can help you in documentation such as FCS, Certificate of Ingredients, Certificate of Origin etc.

Click here for our company introduction video at ALIBABA.COM (for PC) Enjoy!

Greeting from the sales person

Yukari Arai

Hello My name is Yukari Arai 
I am working for Natural Medicine Association Co., Ltd as intrenational sales person.
I would like to help you in introducing the best match supplement for your market needs.

I have been studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and Japanese Kanpo and Yakuzen for years.
As  International Yakuzen specialist (国際中医専門員),registered (drug/as a business) seller(登録販売者)and the instructor of Chinese medicinal cooking also called as Yakuzen (薬膳講師) I can help you develop the suitable formulation of Original supplement for your needs.

I can also speak Mandarin so you may give us an email by Chinese language.
Please do not hesitate to contact me!

My book' Kirei to Genki no wo tukuru kanpo and Yakuzen recipe


Immune booster with no Additives.

This Powder supplement is made from Sparassis Crispa and Sea kelp with no additives. It is welcomed by people who are suffering from canser. You can use for cooking, too. It has Umami of soup stock of mushroom and sea kelp. You can cook rice, mix with meat when you make  meat balls or dumpling.

Our Star products,
Supplement for Vision, 
*Mêtel (目輝)*

Antioxidants and traditional medicine

Eye supplement is our star products and best selling product. Many cusomers in Japan and would like to  introducing this category of products to oversea.
Lutein, Astaxanthin, Bilberry etc. together with traditional oriental Chinese medical herbs prevent and delay the progress of eye diseases, eye dryness and fatigue.
Traditional Chinese Medicine, this product also can Strengthen the liver and the kidney, too. Good for the elderly, too.



DHA& EPA Famous omega 3 type oil soft capsules good for the brain health, blood vessel health and anti-alleagy. Good source of DHA & EPA for those who does not like the smell of fish.

Happy Mom -Maternity Care-

Supplement for Pregnancy

Supplment to support during and after pregnancy. Balanced combination of Vitamins and Minerals, such as Folic acid, Zinc, DHA, and Vitamin C. 

Oyster Gold 

Supplement for MEN
Oyeter Gold

Oyster is called SEX food in France and its main ingredient, Zinc ,is also regarded as SEX mineral in USA. Zinc is good for the production of healthy sperm.

Together with other ingredients it helps to increase the number of Sperm as well as enhancing its activity.

Collagen and Placenta 270

For your skin health 

Made  in  Japan (日本製)
Collagen and placenta 270 is a supplement for your skin.
Placenta derives from fish scale and high quality placenta for your young skin.

Snowy White for Beauty of skin
Snowy White

For your beauty skin 

Made in Japan(日本製)
Snowy White is the supplement for your beauty skin. Collagen, Goji Berry, glutathione, Vitamin C, even using pearl powder, etc.
We will bring you Beauty Magic !


Black Garlic plus Turmeric
- For Liver health-

Our best selling to oversea market.
OEM and ODM available

Ingredients : Curcumin Extract Powder(Curcumin C3 complex), Autumn Turmeric, Black Fermented Garlic Extract Powder, L-Ornitine, Black Pepper Extract, Powdered Reducing Maltose Syrup, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Cucrose Fatty Acid Ester, Sillicon Dioxide, Shellac(Carnauba wax)

SQUALENE soft capsule,
the total life supporter


Good for family health care and beauty. 
OEM/OBM available 

More than 99.5% Purity of Odorless Squalene Soft capsule
Supporting immune systeme, Helping liver function, Invigorating body cells, Detoxifying and purifying the blood and organs, Application to your skin for skin irritation or throat ache etc.


10 min walk from Nakano Station. JR
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About Us

Company Name Natural Medicine Association Co., Ltd.
Capital JPY 20,000,000

3-3-1 2F Nakano, Nakano-Ku Tokyo, Japan

Foundation Since 1998
TEL +81-3-5342-1878
Line of business Manufacurer, Trading company, Distributor and Wholesaler of supplements and cosmetics
President Chizuko Yamagami
Company Name Natural Medicine Association Co., Ltd.
Company Name Natural Medicine Association Co., Ltd.