Wagara Decorative Painting

Japanese Traditional Patterns

Michiko Ozawa

Hi, this is Michiko, a decorative painter. 

I started painting about 25 years ago. 
I had been painting American or European motives when one of my friends asked me 'why don't you paint Japanese motives?'  

Since that time, I started to express Wagara, Japanese traditional patterns, with the technique of Western decorative painting. 

Wagara means 'Japanese traditional patterns'  which were applied to Japanese traditional clothes, kimono.  I started a journey to explore Wagara, taking kimono out of my mother's closet, and my deceased grand mom's closet.
Later, I created my original method to make Wagara decorative painting accessories which I enjoy a lot!
I hope you also enjoy my world of wagara decorative paintings.

"How to make Rocking Sheep"
This movie shows some basic techniques how to make Wagara decorative painting. 

How to make Wagara accessories

1. Paint on a wood chip surface with acrylic paint.
2. Put UV resin gel on the surface.
3. Put in the UV light device to harden the resin.

"Let's make Purple Pendant!!"
This movie shows how to make Purple Pendant. 

←↑minne       Pinkoi↓→